Still concerned about life in general.

10:35 In the morning after breakfest eaten and happily thinking about blog started yeasterday. Before those also noticed there aren`t coffee filterbags anymore. Which means a shoppingtrip.

I haven`t ever heard that anyone complains about foodprices in the closeshop. It is pretty known fact that commidities prices have risen allthough sallerys haven`t. Which means there is less money to spend. Also we have parlamentary elections coming in Finland still this spring. Obviusly Finnish media is filled with poll discussions. Parlamentary candidates competing who has the best idea of increasing income of ordinary workers. (Students and elderly people are talked less.) Anyway I watched one of those discussions and I lost completly track of what was sayed. I mean all the talk about supporting workgoers income, with endles ideas was allmost suffocating for me.

No candidate was talking so much about peoples basic need. Which is at basic the possibility to a human and happy life. Sound naive, but who wuold change happines, health, or family/friends to money. Also people and their lifes aren`t numbers on computerscreen or on a printsheet. So what is parlamentarywork if it obviusly isn`t helping poeple and society which it is elected to lead, life and have a better life. Sounds patronising, but what if there were more work on general wellbeing by parlament and not only by people who are concerned and humane or and by their work situation involved in healthcare etc. work. Could such a society be anymore or has it ever been possible or wil it ever be. So work situation is important, but for examples talkings in Europe that no country in EU wants to be helping other EU countries if those run into deppression. It actually sounds like mor for us and less for everyone else.

The point is that there is only certain amount of wealth in the world. Meaning there are a limited amount of money, whivh is shared by everyone of us. So if I have more someone else have to have less. This has bee sometimes discreped as a cake that is shared. So talks about only income and benefitting industry is meaning more and more forgetfulnes of humanity and caring for others. Also If benefitting healthcare and defending that by stament that this is how people are able to be longer in worklife is weird.

So as I sayed in the first part of my blogwriting . We have forgotten about basic standards of good life or basic possibilities to increase wellbeing.

Also I have been concerned of certain movements that I personally feel are by there own opinions driving for changes. I believe in freedom of speech. When it is social discussion and not insulting or discriminating anyone. So people shouldnt be forced, but guided. By means of discussion. Also this is why I joined to wide number bloggers. I like discussioins and blogging seems to be moder channel for that. It takes a long time to make an academic publishing and discussions in media sometimes are about things I can`t or want to take a stance. So this blogging seems to be fun. 🙂



Hello here it goes. My first blockwriting. I started this block, because I have come to understand that writing hasn`t wanished anywhere. People still have opinions and write those in different medias and forums. There can`t be a man/woman without opinions. It`s nonsense even to think that. All the time we think and form opinions about what is happening to us and latter formed and more thought opinions in school/work life.

By this block I wuold like to express my thoughts. Heh, those opinions I descriped and also life as I experience and see it. So there. First blockposting then.