I`m having fun, so I can wear a sixpackhat.

It`s mayday madnes. Today 30.4 in Finland we celeprate mayday. The festions goes traditionally: everybody gets drunk. For forreigns it might be odd to see whole cityes people drunk. Tradiotionally mayday has been workers celepration, but nowdays it is also students party to celeprate ending of studying year. Also it is starting of summer season celepration.

On mayday it is common to wear carnival outfits, also students department overalls are common.


Student overalls are useful on mayday because in those students keep there clothes underneath clean.

There are also different kind of traditional happenings in Finland. Most famous are the hattening of statue Havis Amanda in Helsinki and watering students in Tampere. Yes those are lowered into our city river by a crain. Also in many cityes there are mayday markets. Where you can buy everykind of carnifal things to celeprate may.

Common to do on 1.5 the mayday is to have a brunch. Which is late breakfest/lunch. It consists creasy and a salty food. Common are sausages and scrampled eggs. Also brunch is served with alcohol. Perhaps shampagne, maybe a beer or a cider.

So today whole finland will be drunk. I don`t want mention this, but I actually go to work today at kitchen and tomorrow to our family cabin. Huh, can escape drunken carnival. But I hope people celeprate and have fun. And stay save. But a short introduction to mayday came into mind.


Hey ho, A bottle of rum to go and there he goes. Man overboard!

The insecurity has risen in our society. Many are afrayed to walk in there neighborhood and in there city centrum. This is funny because the wealth in our Finland has risen. There is more money and also more social troubles in this country. Which makes naturally think if the money is going to right addresses.

Social troubles are often a double edged sword. There are troubles in life (depression, arguing, relationship or just a feeling of being lost and not found), which often are tryed to blok by intoxigating oneself. Then gets more bad feeling, more troubles and uses still intoxigatives. It is a downward spiral which is difficult to cut and turn. People with social difficulties in life: drug/alcohol abusing or mental problems have often also difficulties of getting help.

At start it is difficult to realize having problems. Then the troubles in social wellware for people who naturally feel like second class citizens are difficult. The situation of wellware office allways doesn`t go well if is too scared, or having troubles of confronting socialworkers or being  too humidilieted by own appearence. Then can`t get all possible help even if ones life situation wuold admit to different helping plans. People with mental issues still think they are stamped if they talk about there difficulties. And also there is an sort of mentality of idolizing drug/alcohol abusing. Youth, but also young adults and even older people have mentality that using subtances is really something to be proud of.

This kind of thinking increases blindness to own troubles in life. Being drunk and not feeling good in the morning isn`t very lasting lifes philosophy. And also in the long run will start to cause mental and social problems.

So writers notice. I`ll trye to change my blog to different subjects than those of social life and it`s troubles. People can and actually often feel good in many situations and moments of there lifes. I wuold in, forthcoming posts trye to addres things which I like and enjoy.

All is gone.

A cartoon hero can feel hurt.

I like cartoons. There isn`t in my mind nothing dubious to say that. Maybe a thirty year old liking cartoons could be thought as childish. But whats so wrong with that. Children are living in a more secure world than adults. Those have simple rules in life and understand what is wrong.  Could say pretty much everything what parents say is. This isn`t so. Also kids from early age start to ponder between right and wrong. The ability to understand what is wrong is humane and most vital thing in social life. With that ability we can stay and be an organized society.

Childrens life revolve around plaiyng. Ability to play and entertain oneself is the most important ability kids have. By plaiyng kids study there life and there place where they live. So adults should offer  children possibilityes to play. Children education on young children should be done when possible through play. In finland I think often this happens. In daycare children have much playtime and in finland most of this is outside. Even on winter. It has been regognized that plaiyng outside have positive calming effect on children. After outside playing those aren`t so wilded up.

So kids programs should be by there character inspirining kids to outside play. Also those should offer good life values. And educate children And then cartoons. Have adults noticed how violent cartoons kids watch. In every Ninja Turtles episode. Turtles beat up dozen of enemyes. Those do that. The building of plot is weak and violence isn`t denied in anyway. Also no enemyne seems to complain of this kind of treatment. This isn`t only in Turtles. I complain about that because I think it is wery fashionable right now. But Biker Mise from Mars. The same thing. And many others. Superman, Batman the list goes on. And Superman and Batman are even very grim from outlook.

This Shouldn`t be so and there is also different childrens programs and cartoons. In finland YLE:s really longtime runnig Pikku kakkonen (Little Two). Is in my mind a good example of educative childrens program. It doesn`t have violence, but offers good warning to kids. For example, not to play with fire and shouldn`t go alone to walk on frozen icelakes. (In Finland lakes freeze on ice during long winter time.)

Also Japanese cartoons (Anime) is often non violent. For example Moomins cartoon is drawn is Japan. Although it is base on hugely famous books by finnish author Tove Jansson. Also Haiyo Miazakis movies that are interesting also to adults and favourites of also many of my friend are many less violent or violence is explained to be hurtfull and not accepted.

So what Im asking is more thoughtfull kids program. And parents should study what there children watch from TV. This isn`t only patrionazing again. Because pondering of difficult subjects can and does helps children to increase there own humane thingking. Which later in adult life is vital in social life. So better kids programs to TV is my asking today. 🙂

Sammon time.

Usually sammons, It is said go to give birth to new baby sammons to the same rivers whole of their life. Those clever fishes go upstream of rivers until they reach their birth place and then they give birth to new sammoneggs. So by that we can say life is a struggle of right to birth. Life by that should be used wisely.

Also and lately I have wondered howcame learning isn`t appericiated so much anymore. Everything can be done better and there is allways a better way of doing everything. Constant lifelong learning should be considered as a mental value throught out life. Not only a thing to consider timely. Lifelong learning is an attitude which has helped me alot. I knoledge that I don`t, for sure know everything, but I can learn If I trye to. Everything shouldn`t and don`t have to be learned, but things that are close to life at hand, can allways be done better and more easy.

This isn`t only patrionasing. But a real attitude how to be a better person.  There are many ways of doing things, and everybody has there own way of doing. And also, and this is my point, bacause modern life is so much of group orientated work, different personas should be appericiated. In groupwork there allways comes clashes of ideas and, arises different working habits. There allways is someone who is more in charg of worksituation. And it is good thing. Some people have tendencies of  being good to take more responcibility. But what Im saiying is that everybody counts in group. And should be understood as an important part of group and more, everybody should trye to be good part of his group. So by being good member of a group and everybody having that same attitude could  help everybodyto feel better in there everyday life. This is what should be considered the next when is commenting to someone of something. How to say it and if it is worth of saying at all. Sometimes it is, if it helps in the situation.

So what Im driving in my life by my own actions is more positive mental attitude in everyday life.