Artist is there.

This morning I have been going through different Worpress, blogwritings. I happened to notice that many of those actually talk about art. About learning art and possibilities, if art even can be thought. So I decided to comment on that discussion.

Many dream to be an artist. The whole mystics abaut artists are many, as I wrote in my earlier blogwriting: Oh My God are Those Up all Night. Artist have there trouble and it is still troublesome world to all the time having to trye to amuse, own personal muse.

No one ever has said that making art can`t be a hoppy. No one has ever said that you have to be published writer or sell many paintings or have a recording contract, so that can do artwork of different mediums. I even wuold courage people more to take up a pencil or a brush. I often wonder what happens to children, when those grow up. Every chidren draws, paints, has to learn to write and play every cattle those can find from kitchen. Then those grow up a little and stop doing that.

I`m not saying that art should be playing around. Usually I don`t like those: Happy hat and we play bongos, A dance play. Art should be done seriously. Even comedies can be laughing and entertaining, if those have been done in a serious working process. I mean can have fun on stage/doing art. But crap art, something that lacks feeling or isn`t sharp choreographed or timed is only crap art.

Art can be learned and the best way of learning is to practise it for a long time. Many dream that makes one good art work and then straight away fame comes. This thinking forgets marketing and building of career completly. Small becomes large and no artist without long and succesful art working career can get art support money, which are often crucial in preparing many of art works/projects.

Art is the exemple of creativnes. Sometimes I like to think it is like binarial code that causes a meaningful thought.

So art should and can be thought. There are numerous different technics in art and those can be thought. A good artists have many different technichs to make art. A writer has to know writing rules, so that spelling mistakes don`t happen and so on.

No one can teach anyone to feel more. And shoudn`t. My main point is that art Isn`t and shoudn`t be only artists privlidge.

Also I`ll add one of my poems to here:

In a days to come

I`ll trye to enjoy more

Which is difficult

When I don`t enjoy at this moment

This poem didn`t happen,

But, at least I`m not going to a teenage wedding.. 🙂


The way of the Katana.

Men. We men have since dawn of humans liked to be stronger and more clever than other men. Somehow by nature appericiate allkinds of westernmovies, warmovies and, yes also samurai and kung fu movies. There is something in men taking a man to man combat and, at the sametime saving the heroes woman that attaracts mens facination. Men obviously can`t be soft  or caring or if those are those have to save everyone while caring.

Well there obviusly have been real heroes in history. This posting mainly targets Samurai and there weapon the Japanese sword Katana.

Samurais haven`t wanished yeat. There is still definite attitudes found that are close to those of the Samurai. For example woodcutting with an axe is something that Samurais obviusly practized. Actually middleage Japan was fearly peaceful. It was also wery thigly closed country from forreigners and internal troubles were settled without violence. So Japanese soldiers Samurais did other thing that belongeg in theres phlosophy. Like poetry, kalligraphy (Japanese word painting), stone gardens and so on. Those practized war arts too. But they had a philosophy how to explain to themselfs there being warriors. Also religion belonged in Samurais life.

The most famous samurai and still eceptionally famous was Miyamoto_Musashi He also wrote: The Book of Five Rings. This book Is still closely read by Japanese in corporate world. It descripes attidus of Katana and is really difficult book to have influence if is from outside of Japan.

The most famous Samurai of modern time was Toshiro_Mifune

He was an actor of many movies and the court actor of Akira_kurosawa

But back to Katana. Grip the handle like it was a wet towel that you are drying of water, but made of eggs. And there is different attidus of Katana. There is te low, front, side and up attitude to it. Cut should be swift and sharp. Like cutting a wood with one blow or cutting a tomato with one kniwe vield. So there are things that people historical times practised that can help us in our everyday life. The attitude should be calm and receptive. Not soft and dull. That is in everything we do. It`s simple. When is focused everything is easier to do.

I`m having a dinner party of four people. Could I have incut of beef for that amount.

The oil catasrophy is coming on. It will affect mostly on cars. But  is that the most biggest impact it will have. That is what I started to ponder this night. I saw a piece of info that most fertilizer and maybe most of acriculture chemicals are oilbased. So actually in EU there is big ongoing discussion about increasing the amount of organic farming. It is a prestep to help the time of oilcatastrophy.

If there isn`t oil, no fertilizers can`t be produced and farming, which provides food for us is in catastrophy. So there is inside EU a big demand, also by parlamentarists to increase organic farming. I checked wikipedias article of fertilizes and Straight away I didn`t get what is the basic of fertilizer compound. And there is many different Fertilizer. Could we allreydy invent a good enviromentally accepted fertilizers that doesn`t cause a biohazard straight away to everyone who touches it or in consumer chain of farming products, eats it.

In Finland there is growing demand that in food we eat there should be less added incredients. such as natriumglutamat. A big producer of meat products Snellman tmp_snellman_site_1.asp?sua=1&lang=1&s=1&q=y has allreydy given up on it and actually markets theres products by that. It is studyed and discussed if natriumglutamat actually could increase possibility of getting cancer.

There is many many good groups who promote organic growth. For example Finnish Luomuliitto.

Also the demand of close food is being discussed. Consumers have started to ponder the, lenghts that the food products travel before they eat those. I life in finland and most of sammon that is sold here comes from Norway. And everybody knows how difficult it is to preserve fish eatable.

So there is big EU legislatioins about the keeping cold chain intact. Which means every food product when it is delivered from manufatrurer to distributer also to restaurants, should be kept in cold. So this also means trouble to restaurant owners. Those cant by foodproducts from small producers or from small shops who sell for example iltalian sausages or from oriental food shops.

The difficulties in food field are many, but if I can ask, and this is the postings whole point is: How often people get sick of food they eat. I could easelly say that not so often.

So laws are many and eating habits wary, but seldom people get sick of food they eat in there home country. There are legends of travelling to east or to south America, but people of those countries probaply have different legends of travelling to Europe and eating in here.

Also the amount of food allergies are growing all the time. Might consider if customer is allergic to cheese. He/She might not like cheese and say is allergic. But also we Europeans might eat too clean food. Is it bad or good I don`t know. But different ideas everybody has about eating.

Our whole life rounds on eating, because with breathing food is what keeps us alife. Nutrition we need and difficult field it is. And allreydy this starts to sound like a writing from welldoing European who haven`t ever seen hunger. So I`ll end this one here.

My god, are those up all night.

Rock since it`s birth has been thought to be dangerous. It is fiendish music for kids to relate and rebel against theres upbringing. Rock musicians also don`t respect authorities and drink and party constantly. The myths are many. Those kinds of myths are important because those build the image of rock music to fans. Dangerous, drinking artist sells. That image isn`t usually builded by rockmusicians themselfs, but by media. Constantly in cossippapers there are followup stories of artists being in troubles. And as often those ar en`t intervued.

Also rockmusicians persons and image are important. That is something many people can`t look like. So there is someone who does.

Wuold you introduce this man to your parents.

And some one who does what people dream of. Which still is constant partying and playing music or doing art. I really think this is a myth that doesn`t fit in the real world.

Working  never can be constant partying and drinking.  Also in artwork there are constantly all kinds of limitations to partying. There are meetings and work situations where can`t drink.

No one likes to listen poor music and no one likes to see a bad film and so on. So for artist there are really many pressures of doing good work. Good and best work comes when is feeling consideredly good and having a nice good work friend to work with.

So bullshit media constantly inventes all kinds of things to sell there papers. Scandals sell.

Artwork is often really stressing. Projects, because everything costs: hotels, stages and studios are being done in fast space of time. So in that stress having a few alcohol drinks might even relaxe. But I think that the best pro is one who after a show can go early to bed than who partyes whole night and continues it the next day. And with someone like that, it wuold be really difficult to work with.

So art is mystified and it is good, because people are and should be allowd to dream. But often that image isn`t what is found from reality of artists.

Todays news: A Kung Fu kid fell, when showedoff a roundhousekick.

I like to do morning exercise. This morning at something 6.30 at our family cabin I did I Chuan. Which is chinese exercise to gather chi, lifes energy. Chi is energy that moves body and which body constructes and is left after we pass away. That means that we construct of energy and that is actually started to be ecepted by healthcare officials worlwide. Not only bullshit. Heart beats every moment and actually human body runs electricity. If gets electric shock it goes trough body.

Chi also moves our body. It is a bit our lifes energy. And it seems that by picture search of I Chuan those chinese keep that exercise to themselfes. So no good pictures of classic I Chuan exercises seems to be founded. But the exercise is meant to strenghten the chi of own body and to be more in touch with everything that is. Which means that everything outside of us should be harmoneusly the same energy as inside of us. It is to feel incontact with where is and with people that is with.

I Chuan is a bit of a zen moment in life. A moment of calm understandment. A moment when things are good and don`t have to stress. So then it is done by standing legs separeteded at lenght of shoulders. Knees a bit bended. Not with straight legs. And facing hands in around 90 degree angle in front. A normal standing with hands littlebit bended infront.

So in I Chuan there is a ball between everything.  In short you stand like carryiyng a ball standing on put. And ball between legs and armpits and between every finger. Sounds funny but is actually a decent exercise when starts to do it. Usually I do it some few minutes. Which starts to be enough. It is pretty energetic exercise so should be careful not to do it too long time. And if tryes ithis exercise it should be kept in mind that if starts to blackout, seeying stars in eyes , feeling dissy and so on should stop straigth away. But this exercise gathers owns body energyes really strongly. So if done carefully and without fooling around is a good exercise. At least I like to do it.

Don`t know if I should add a kung fu picture of myself doing I Chuan. Those sometimes are a bit silly. Morning mist at sundown and a guy doing some mystic ancient chinese exercise. well see the point it is a bit silly. But I`ll add a picture of Chuan still today and not done in the morning. So this of morning exercises. 🙂

I Chuan is more difficult than what it looks like.