Time for a coffeebreak.

I like to drink coffee. Different hot drinks, like tee has been known since ancient times. Easterns liked to drink tee. Probably it was brought to Europe by spice sellers in sometime. (also wuold be a good subject for a study: Tee and it`s history.)

A woman cathering tea.

There are different rules on coffeebrakes on every workplace. When to have those and how manyof those can keep. Also normally tee isn`t allways found from ewerywhere. Coffee is a standard and often tee drinkers even have to explein there choise to drink tee.

In shops there are a wide range of different coffees and teas. Have to know a littlebit of what of those might drink.

I`m writing this posting because my cofeemaker just recently brokeup. I didn`t get into trouble. I found a new, actually a coffee pot from fleecemarket. So from now, it is real coffee for me. Not anymore that easy filtered coffee. First coffees exploded to my coffeepot, which wasn`t anyhow a supprise. I`ll learn and then I can make good coffee. It is actually a good feeling, when I have coffees warming on stove, as I`m writing this. And seems It is ready. So a good cup of coffee for me. Seems that I learned that. The same rules apply to pot coffee as to normal coffee. One spoonful of coffee for each cup of water and one for coffeepot.

My new coffee maker.