My fucking cat.

Don`t mind the beer cans. On freetime I like to drink beer. Like every other man does. In that picture is my cat. It eats meat, like cats do. And only raw meat.

Few days ago my girlfriend let cat out. Well cat sirculeted few times on my yard and then wanished. It wanished somewhere in the naighbours yard.

Then I heard two pretty good snaps. What I think of was two necks broken. There has been two other cats around here. And those havent been seen since that. Those might have been rats too. But two necks my cat broke.

I can`t believe how fast it did that. It was only ten minutes outside. And killed two animals. So probably ELina, my girl thinks twice next time she lets my cat out. Fuck that is a fucking evil animal. Yes I do love that.

It is begemont the cat. And evil. And I love it.

Fuck, it is almost impossible to film animals. Those usually don`t like that. And then those don`t do anything filmer wants to. But those two pictuters I got of my cat. Huh, evil animal. But I do sleep with it and like it used to attack me. It don`t do it so often anymore.

I only wonder what those two snaps were. Because straight after those begemont came back to home. And wanted to go into my apartment. Weird thing.

That is the money shot. Well I had to wait only for many hours before cat took hers fafourite place. The money shot. And there it likes to be. On summer it sleeps a lot. Furcout on. And it is hot. God deam got it. Took only few hours. God deam that cat. 🙂


She wears a nuns outfit. Must be important westerner.

This writing might go to bullshit. Please don`t anyone hate by this. But that woman actually is Mother Theresa. She was decided to be holy by the late Pope John Paul. She lived in India in mombay and helped begger children.

I don`t hawe enough fact info about her to write this, but still I want to mention hers work towards helping the poor.

India in history was occupied by the english. Thats howcome in indian restaurants still often is used metalplate. It is common English soldiers plate and indian people started to use that to eat, from it.

I don`t like capitalism, if it slaves people. By loans or by theres belives. We white europeans and americans have long history in downing people. We unfortunetly make people to have our believes and our countries force the third world to do what we say. Often it is good. But do we really help them.

If I gave money to charity. Wuold it reach it`s target.Wuold it benefit anyone poor, in the third countries. What good it does, if we send some famous people to film the poor in Africa, India or to mention in Bhurma. Those say it is horriple, but those don`t build toilets or homes or give food.

That is close charity to build a building for a poor man. Where his family can live. And that is what Mother Theresa did. She help from close. Fought for poor indian kids in I think in Bombay. Christian nun in Bombay with the poor. That wasn`t easy life. I must say. She must have been a holy woman. Like the church decided. This with out enough info about Mother Theresa.

About Buddhism.

About Buddhisms. We all are enlightend we only don`t know it yet. Thats what my frien likes to say. Buddhism might sound strange. Those turn agaisnt the world. Those don`t own anything.

Well I could say it is totally ordinary. What do we own. For real. When our death comes, we can`t take our belongins with us to afterworld. To heaven like we call that. What do we have?
We have our friends and family. we can piss those off, but with them would be easier to life in compassion. That is what H.H Dalai Lama teaches.

Compassion is when understands ones life situation and his/hers pain and suffering. Life is suffering. My back hurts all the time. I sometimes work too much and don`t sleep enough. That is the concept of samsara. The world where we life in.

We have been born here because we can learn. Our life learns us. Being hurt. Feeling unliked. And being pissed of. That is what our world is. Samsara.

In Buddhism is beliewed in dharma. Which is the ewerything good that happens towards more learnig and enlightenment. Wery similar concept as holy spirit in christianity. Dharma teaches us buddhist say. So it does. Often doing work can learn a better way and faster way of doing that work job. That aalreydy is dharma to me.

In work . Quantity and result matters. How much can do good result, quantity of what does. We talk about differences between religions. Are those so different. Reliogion is belieweng in goodnes and life after death.

Who is right? Muslims, Christians, Buddhist or Hindus or other religions. Ewery religion that beliwes in goodnes and compassion is in my eyes right on that one. Teachingns in different religions only differ and theres customs.

Also yoga I mention. In history there have been different beliewes of benefits of bodyly exercise and religion. I mean there are muslim dhervists. Who I ques prays with dancing. Samurais and Kung Fu teachers have religions on there art. So ha russians and there religious dancers. Ecercise benefit to better understandment. Well at leasta it benefits towards better health. Which allreaydy is a complishment.

In history there hawe been men and women who have known. There still are those. People who help others to feel better. Who help peoples own feeling to go on. Are best asset that we have. Malcom X he was muslim and talkes and helped black people to have better dignity to life. So did Martin Luther King. And many others.

So buddhist accept ewery religion that is based on compassion and goodnes. And yes those do own some material. Buddhism isn`t denying the world, but to help the world and it`s beings to continue. And again: We all are englihtened we only don`T know it yet. 🙂

On winter we burn wood like hell.

Dads woodpile

In Finland we still use wood. Many finns warm theres houses with wood. In history and sometimes still Finland has been called the country of green gold. Which means that whole of our country is forest. Earlyer times in the ninteenth century fins sold wood in tons of cupic meters. Usually wood is counted in cupic meters. Which is meter by meter by meter.

We like to saunoa. Which is the finnish worm room. Something common to american indians perhaps. In older times finnish only and people of our world only warmed with wood. In finland that hasen`t still changed. And I have wood sauna too. It really warms with wood. So wood is burned during the winter alot. To add last winter was really cold. So often it is really nice to go into the hot room. Sauna.

My woodpile.

Last winter was a real nuclear winter. Often it was ower 30- degrees of celsius temperatures. I almost got frostbites walking my dads home to my home. Only gowering my face I didn`t get frostbites. Those don`t heal so well. I have one frostbite in my hand and it has been there for ten years now. I got it in the army. Had lowsy leather glowes and then wind and goldnes got under glowes. And a frostbite. Those are melted by warm water for half an hour.

We don`t need another nuclear cold winter again in Finland, but allmost gan feel that also the next winter will be cold too. So we need wood to warm our houses.

Wood warming is resuable source of energy. Forests grow again after those are gut down. In Finland we have really heavy laws on foresting. And actually it doesen`t cause so much pollutien what one might think of.

My dad warms his house with wood allmost only. He only puts batteries on at march. Then it starts to be allready really cold. My systers has two fireplaces in her apartment. Those warm really well too. In our cabin there is a fire place. It warms cabin really soon. So in every Fin have to know how to make a fire. Really does. I can`t Imagine world where men can`t enymore know how to make a fire. Or cut wood with an axe. And yes I can start on a motorsaw. My dad has a saying that wood warms three times. Once in the forest when saws it. Second time when cuts it with an axe and third time when burns it. So today I should cut more wood. Winter is long and cold and in Finland wood still burns to warm us.

On my yard. Probably two years wood. Still have to cut those.


Good morning Vietnam.

This time I will addres the subject of bullying and also which allways is bullshit and mindfucking someone. I have been thinking of bullying for sometime now. That happens of course in schools, but also in workplaces and in peoples homes. Not to mention domestic violence.

My best and so far only answer to howcome we have to hurt anothers is that violence is in ourselfes. That is also a bit of christianity from me, except that I don`t totally believe that basic syn was caused by women only. Life is searching and learning. Because we hurt and suffer in life, we have to search our selfes. That is basic norm in christianity. But it is so also in buddhismin. What meditation is exept searching oneself. Same thing also in hinduism and muslims search themselfs too. Praying and being with god is asking if is right or wrong, also it is asking if have done right or wrong. That again.

So what i am saying is that searching one self if has done right or wrong is the same in ewery major religion. So howcome we hurt others. That I don`t have any answers. I have pondered that now for over twenty years and yes I still am fearly young man. Every religion teaches us not hurt others. So does every our parent. Think what those told you when you were young. Don`t hurt your friend, syster or brother.

What then goes wrong when we grow up. There are wars around. People shoot with guns all the time. It is because those are grown to do that. And then there are bad people who have grown wrong and gain political power. Those thereaten ordinary people in there homes.

I really can`t explein wars. Those are only sick. The bad is in everyone of us. Thats my best explanation. And every country need energy, oil, food supplies. Prababy that too.

Well, political/social power is like a drug. It facinates us. Everybody likes to make an influence and like to have ability/power to make others do what one wants. Sometimes it is sayed that power is the ultimate drug. Have to keep that to oneself and all the time gain it more.

It starts from early life and can be destructive for all of us. Everybody that is noticed and everyone else too influences on others those meet. To be be senterpoint of everyone. At least our finnish TV is only about that. Yes except Pikkukakkonen (Little Two).  Which I wrote earlier in my blog.

How many Wedding shows there are or change game shows. Where someone is the star of the day. We want to be noticed.

And then to school bullying. Bullyers want also to be noticed. Those hurt others because those want to be noticed. Is it an help ascing that bullyer isn`t feeling emotionally good. I don`t know. In Finnish School shootings. Which we unfortunatly have had. Have been of beeing noticed. And then those shooters opened fire. Those also were bullyed young men.

Betrayl in relationship doesn`t so often cause violence than lonyles or that has been grown apart fron society/social life. Lonyles, feeling worthels and being bullyed. Nice coctail of shit feelings. And also substance abuese in that. Then one day cracs and violence happens.

As an after word. I have lovely girl with me that I really like. I really like spending time with her. Had a great day of reading books. We like to read and hang around. We humans need friend and compassion. Like H.H Dalai Lama has thought whole of his life. Check hes teachings. Also he is in facebook. Well that of bullying and violence. I think in future I will again address that subject again. Way of or another. Even Rasputin, The grazy monk of Russia sayd that wars end like children end there fightin.Actual documented comment from him.



I don`t know you. Can you go away.

Yes, also in here in Finland we have inmovers. Those move here of warious reasons. Well of course, and from different bacgrounds and countries. That as an introduction.

We had our parlamentary elections a while ago, as I have written earlier. The result of those elections was that the kokoomus, which is more on the right and sdp, which is more on the left took good result. But the what fins call as: Iso Jytky, (a big boom) was and also expected that the perussuomalaiset party took a huge win in wotings. So those three parties now are biggest parties in our parlament. Our parlament has been started to call as the rainbow parlament, because there is so many different partyes in our ministery. Also the vihreät, (the green party) and the vasemmistoliitto, (left wing party) are in the ministery to name a few partyes.

In Finland we hawe basically a two cabinet gowerment. In which there are parlamentarists and then the ministeries. And our president after he is introduced new lawes accepts those. Exept he has a weto right on those laws to be accepted.

Well that as longer introduction and then after the wotings and after so called Iso Jytky. Fins started to get really a lot of critic towards perussuomalaiset party of there opinions of EU and inmoving politics. Those were called somewhat racist party.

Perussuomalaiset party of what I think was woted by many regular finns. Ordinary men and women of our country. And yes, many of those have forthoughts on inmovers. Everybody has seen muslims drinking coffee all day and not working so much. At least I have. I have also seen black people lazying in loose hip hop cloths and also doing nothing. I have also seen English drunks, not mention germanese. There are Italian cocaine heads. And everybody knows that Russians drink shit load of vodka. There are also finnish drunks, for all to know.

So before I offend everyone. By earlier I meant that it isn`t about origin but about what one does. Life is choices, personal choices and choices by others. It does matter where one is born and to which parents. But it isn`t said that couldn`t still find a decent workingplace. Few of the richest countries are in the Middle East. And many Africans have really decent work places in theres homecountries but also in countries those have moved or fled. It is what one does with own life. Might add stupid “Carpe Diem” here. And seems I did.

So we could search are selwes what it feels like for someone to move place that might not even havent ever heard of. Leave everything behind and go. So I critices also some of prejudice. Often there is some trouhgt to that often there isn`t. For example my University History deparments leader was from Germany. My best friend girlfriend isn`t originally from Finland. Also she teches at university. And I work at kitchens sometimes and the best dishwashers, a total artist in that was a black man. Wery respected. He happended to wash a whole lunch restaurants, which customers about 500 in 11.00 to 14.00 alone. With only little help from me. I know a man who has his one cleaning company in Finland and he is from Palestine.

So it really is about what one does from hese/hers life not of origin. And I don`t wonder sometimes howcome people have prejudice. Because often there are real throught to benefit those. And plaa, plaa. Thoughts change by the minute and then happens something else. that as an after word.