Hmm, seems that my mought is burning.

Chilipepper is red and hot. Still many like chili. Often it is thought that chilifood is eaten either in the east, ( in China or in Thailand) or in South-America (especially in Mexico). This assumption isn`t allways correct. Chili lovers can be found from ewerywhere in the world. Many think people who like chili are nuts. They want to burn theres mouth on themselfes.

Chili actually isn`t so dangerous than wuold think. It isn`t poisones. The chemical compound of chili is kapsaiin and that causes the burning feeling. Kapsaiin fools mouths tissues to think that it is harmed, but no harm is done. Eating chili causes some pain and it releases endorfiins. Chili caused burning feeling can be helped wit milk or bread products. For example water or beer doesn`t help. Those increase the burning feeling.

I don`t know exatly how long time humans have used chili to spice food, but foodcultures where chili is used are very old and have long traditions. Chili originally comes from South-America and from there it has expanded especially to east. My assumption is that chili as a spice has been known for a long time. But Suoth-American indians don`t often have chili in theres food culture. So probably when westernes found and occupied South-America and immigreted to there. Chili food culture started to develop.

The most common chili is the jalapeno chili. Jalapeno is very commonly served with mexican food. Commonly jalapenos goes on nachos dish, but often also into tacos, tortillas and burritos. It is spicy, but can be usually eaten by everyone. In shops traditionally it is sold in classjars and in ready slices. From jalapeno the seeds don`t have to be taken off. Using chili I`ll explain littlebit later. The most hottest chilis are considered to be Habanero and Naga morich. Often chili lovers think which one of those are more chilier. For example many people in Finland grow Habaneros on theres balconys. There is also famous Death Burger in one of our restaurants in Tampere. It is sayed that nowone can eat Death Burger dish completly. It is stuffed with Habaneros. Naga Morich is more rare Chili for finns.

The fist rule on chilis are that the smaller and red the more burning it is. Basicly chilis are used by cutting it open, then the end is cuttud off and seeds are taken of. The chiliseeds are really burning and for many those can spoil the dinner completly. Still many don`t like really fireyfood. So chilis should be used savingly. Often one chili is enough to give add for a dish.

In Finland we have actually even a chili assoation and those organize annual chili festivals. In those festivals there actually is an chili eating world competion. And lots of fact and examples about chilies. There are many different chili pastes and sauces. And of those probably mexican salsa and chinese sweet chili and thailands different currypastes. Currypastes can be either red or green. From which the red is more hot. Personally my fafourite hot sauce is Linghams chili sauce. I think it comes from Thailand. It is quite hot and is faerly running by texture. I usually add that into woks I sometimes do or then on chigen wings. Of wings I`ll write later.
In mediterrean area there is a pepper called confusingly pepperoni pepper. It is confusing because pepperoni is also a saucage. Pepperoni pepper is quit mild tasting and often served with many different mediterrean foods. Also common is to serve pepperonis with kebab fastfood. Pepperonis are red and green, from which red is more hot. Pepperoni is also often found as an topping on a pizza.

Indian food often is very spicy, but it is spiced with different spices and those spices are mixed as a sauce for veggies and often also meat. Indian food is often spiced with koriander which gives the unique taste and smell for it. And is uncommon for many. Koriander is a herb and not hot. Koriander is difficult to describe precicly. Indian religion Hinduism denies meat eating very alot. So often Indian people use much veggies in theres food. Also common in India is that naan bread is served with dinner. Fresh naan bread is baked daily in India and it is the most common bread that Indian people eat. Earlier I mentionet that bread helps for the burning feeling of spicy food.

Despite America has a longrunning tradition of different bbq sauces it isn`t considered so much to be a chili country. Some of those sauces can be fearly hot. In New Orleans area there is a special food culture, which should be mentioned. In there is prepared varios chilifoods. For example: chili con carne. Which means chili with meat. It is served with beans and/or with rice and different veggies goes into it. It is a mixed food. Every incredient is fried with the same pan, but chili con carne can be made also in a cattle. Usually chili con carne isn`t so very spice, but it is eaten much in New Orleans area. Also different shrimpfoods are common to that foodculture.

Common fastfood in Finland that also has come here from abroad is chigen wings. Those often have a marinade that is fearly spicy. For chigen wings there are many different sauces that add spicynes. Such as Texas Pete-sauce and many others. I don`t know if Texas Pete can be found outside of Finland. Many times when ordering wings the sauce can be chosen from a few options. Varying from hotsauce to nonspicy mayo .Many choose mayo based sauce, which cuts the spicynes of the marinade. Also wing are usually served with dipping veggies such as carrots and cucumber. Wings also often has frenchfries as a side dish.

Many think that kebab fastfood is firey. Which comes from Turkish area. It`s not. Kebab is commonly beef meat strips with different sidedishes suchs as bread (underneath meat) or fries. Also salad goes with it. Middle east food is spicy, but I don`t count that food culture into chili cultures.

In the youtube are many videos of people trying to eat chili. Those often are quite funny. And again chili isn`t poisonous or dangerous to eat. But sometimes it can burn alot. When is preparing chili have to avoid touching eyes or and is good to avoid rubbing it into face. Especially eyes are sensitive to chili. Yes and I have experience of rubbing my eyes wit fingers on chili. Couldn`t see pretty much anything for some fifteen minutes. And also many protection sprayes. Such as pepperspray are done of chili. Pepperspray is even more harmful than teargass. And usually in riots it isn`t even used by officers, because it`s harmfull effects to rioters. Those are illegal to civilians and are dangerous. And if gets that on face, will stop doing anything for a good time.

So that about chili. Different foodculteres are constantly expanding to different countries. World is becaming smaller and smaller and many likes to trye different foodcultures. Chili is one of those that interests many.



There is fishines around here.

I again want to addres the subject of Buddhism. It is actually one of the Worldreligions. With Chirstianity and Muslims and Hinduism. There are a few basic principles in Buddhism. I`ll explain a few of those later. With current Worldreligions Buddhism is the second oldest. Hinduism is the oldest. Buddhism was started 2500 years ago by the original Buddha Siddharta Gautama.

Buddhism started in India as did Hinduism, but is different religion. Hindus believe that with the help of theres gods they can go forward in theres journey towards englightenment and get to Nirvana. They have many gods and pray those often in different ways. Buddhism has been sayd that it developed from Hinduism, because The original Buddha studyed it much. Trying to find the truth in life.

Buddhism allthough doesn`t believe that to get to Nirvana or to meditate need the help of gods. Often Buddhist think those might even bother meditation by there plans. Which are often descriped in Vedanta literature. Hindus holy books.

The Buddha, I`ll shorten it from now on, came to realize that the key to englightenment is meditation and good doings. To be compassionate to closest. To restrict oneself from being violent. And non violence is the most important rule in Buddhism. Also compassion and meditation.

When realizes how futile violence and hurting others not to mention raping or doing homicides is starts to be on the right track. If I saw someone in my home town Tampere city with a gannon on his car and armed with an assault rifle. I would think that man is raging man. Totally insane. Totally with out reason of thought. That isn`t unfortunatly so in many parts of the world.

A News flash. There are those in Libya. The UN mentioned that if ordinery Libyans are in danger these act. England said that those might join to the UN possible operation. The U.S.A said those don`t do operation there so di Nato.

If there thousends of armed men at street might think that ordinary libyans are in danger. I only wonder have the world leaders watch any news of anykind in the past six months. At least I have seen in the news men that have been shot and bomb blasts. And destruction. Is the reason those don`t act because Libya doesn`t have oil and aren`T threatenig world oil shipments. I Don`t straight fatct to that. I`ll put here the The Middle East map.

Interesting map by the way. But anyways Buddhism denies ewerykind of violent act. Personally I believe Dharma doesn`t happen on sodiers. When those learn those learn better ways of commanding or to destroy better. That Isn`t what buddhism teaches. So I don`t think soldiers can englighten while being soldiers. Those do the opposite.

Who violence is then stopped. We can destroy our machines of destruction on the same time. And then came someones who invents those need those. That is what I don`t aceet or understand and only parely can accept.

A better way of solving differenses would be to give everyone boxing clowes and legbads and organize a good old fashion gangfight. Wouldn`t need guns and now wuold seriously harm. As I have said violence is in us. Injustice is build inside us. I don`t accept those actions.

So writing and thinking about Buddhism sometimes goes to anylyzy peace and compassion. Again Buddhism is based on those. I wuold like that people more search themselfes of what is the difference between right and wrong.

Free your mind

We humans together share this planet. Our planet is only place we live. If UFO extremists aren`t asked. I don`t mind about immigration politics if people live more free. In America there lives thousend of blacmen and women and they work in good jobs. Howcoma that is.

I will introduce a few black freedomfighters. I have started to doubt we have started to forget theirs lifework.

Dr Martin Luther King. In abowe was man who had many demonstrations for humanrights for black. He had a dream that someday people will be free of prejudice. I`ll put addres to that famous speech in here.

Dr Martin Luther King was very religios. A christian man who had a dream.

Other man I want to mention is Malcom X. Also Spike Lee did a famous movie about him. He was a a muslim. And firey speeker of blacks rights to be and live free in america.

I don`t get it how come someone con think that skincolour says that can`t work well. Those usually are themselfes drunk and cant work who think that. Fucking people search ourself to think if people have more work in devoloping countries than your own work with a bottle of booze.


We can stop prejudice. And work together. And understand different cultures. How can we do work jobs. If we can`t understand different cultures. Idiot is a man or a woman who does`t know local cultures.

In Russia wuold destroy Icons. Or in the east wuold destroy homealtar. Really good. And worktrip goes to shit. We have to understand different cultures and different people. In basic in many peoples work have to. So again.