Into Nirvana

Kurt Cobain is dead. Does enaone even remember him anymore. Well I do. He did his career. How he did. On the top and wasted. Like every rockstar is soppousd to be. Wasted and having fun. Well he was deppressed and often, and had his own thoughts. Often probably ridiculed Jim or Janis or even Jimi to have been the ultimate rockstars and got dead of abussing of drugs and alcohcohol.

We don`t need another dead rockstar. Even Amy winyhouse died. I hope not when she was 27. That is the trouble year for rockstars. Everyone of those died at that age. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix died during one year of time at the age of 27. Also Kurt Kobain died at the age of 27.The weird thing is that those joked about it. Jim Morrison often maked comments that he is the third one. Janis and Jimi had allreaydy died during the year. He was, but in Paris. Where he moved because of feeling of burnout. And was conctantly sick.

I still listen to Tupac Shakurs music. Really love it. He said that we need love. And we arenΒ΄t allways good and bad things happen. And isn`t the best. Also abuse of drugs and alcohol. He died too yong. The best rapper in the world. And would have a great career in rap. And wuold have talked of street poetry. And of hope.



Can those mexicans have invented anything better than there food culture. Should win a noble of that innovation.

Can mexicans be prayedto have invented something divine. And that is mexican food. Food cultures are spreading on the world. By people trying those, by different restaurants and by different food programs. My fafourite one is Anthony Bourdain on the world. Also Jamie Oliver and yes Gordon Ramsey are cool.

Secret indegrient. Habanero chili.

Mexican food isn`t so expensive as wuold think. But chili it has to have. I`d eat really more often mexican than I do. It is mexicans everyday food. And when done well also good. So my noble goes to mexicans. And it might be that from some mexican side alley or from some nice family can be found the best mexican food than could even believe. So I calmed down of net shit issue and started to do food. LOL: πŸ™‚

Decent chili con carne.

Battle with my net #3.

To my earlier posts. The troubles that I`ve had with the net really pissed me of. Allreydy started to think of global conspiracy of shutting my net down. Wel this continues. I started to check from my window to a link stolp in our naighbours yard. And it look like shit. Wires were hanging allmost to tree level. And the wires didn`t seem to even be connected to that box that runs telephone to our home.

I live in an old district of Tampere. It has been builded after the second worldwar and hasn`t changed much after that. So I made a call to my net providing company and filed a complaint. Or more a problem annaucment. Well those said they will send someone to check that. And a few days ago I got a text message that problem I had filed has been fixed.

So net works better now. On my netstick.

Which is the other problem. I should have 10 megas net to my home on cable. But of course that broke up or the phone socket broke last spring. Also my comp broke up totally. In comp store the seller believed that it had been under water. Go figure that.

Everything has been breaking up in my home lately. Started to get pissed of that. But now have a new comp and get into the net. And also the phone socket will be fixed or circulated. So that of that.

My life hasn`t been lately like that


We need freedom.

Who tells me what to do. We will win the world to us. To us to the youth. SO FREE YOUR MIND. Who the fuck can tell me what to do if I`m not violent or a criminal. I have suffered and still often I do. I haven`t allways been free to choose where I go. And I`m not an ape to practise only kung fu and circus. I hate that. I hate everyform of pushing down under. I don`t know how to say it better.

Old people won`t allways rule the world. We youth have to step up and make the world a better place. So again Freedom. That is what we are. We don`t neep suppression or violence or anarchy, but we need compassion and a better world. FREEDOM. Like Layren sings.

We have lost the fight, but at least we have our friends and music.


100 000 + more monks praying for worldpeace in Myanmar. πŸ™‚

World is in trouble. There was horrible incident in China. A two year old child was hit by a wan twice and no one helped her. That is inhuman and chinese goverment have said to there people to mind there own things. Those even tryed to cover that up. What a bullshit. Those cant hurt there peole so violently. So I do deny that kind of covermental action. Even if normal chinese are compassionet there are told not to help an injured child. Horrible policy.

We need compassion to help and care of others. We are everyone the samekind humans. We construct of the same material and of the same energy or soul. We need other people as much as those need us. So I deny cruelty in everyform in verbs and in fysical violence. And link BBC article of Chinas cruelty.

Those don`t fool me. :)

I think I have some bullshit been cut from the net. I also think there is some bullsh going around. How come my sociaty cuts me from off the net. If those don`t have something to hide from me. Every human should have free right to the net. And also to social netsites. Think I don`t.

My small buddhist homealtar

What is going on. Can humans be sold to somewhere as sircus puppets. That I have started to think now. We aren`t commodies. So and again free your mind. I`t is actually an old MTV award that should be taken back again. I remember when bosnia war was there were independent radiostation establishsers. Those started there own radio to talk about FREEDOM.

freedom of will is what humans are done We choose to walk against redlights if we want to. We also choose not to. We can also by our own choose to hurt someone. But then we hurt also. there isn`t any choices in that. And that is allreydy karma.

How do we explain suffering. Because evil is in us. Also the free will to cause harm and hurt someone. There must a reason to that, but should there be.

I don`t like opprission. Or things that are of from my free wil to choose. If I have money to travel I should be able to. And no one should to use all the money abroad. So this now. πŸ™‚

Way to go for Soviet Union. πŸ™‚

The money shot.

And this should be the money shot. I should be talking about art or cooking. But I continue my work for humanrights. The picture belove.Possibly I`ll start to write about something else next time. πŸ™‚

The net is slow still. Got an acces to the net though.

I got into the net again. And from my last post, everybody should check what anna politskovava looks like. If she sttill lives we have hope. I`M not bullshitting. Putin is changing the constitunioal law in Russia. He`s secon hand medjedev will stop from being president and Mr Putin is going to the wotes to be new President. By constitution in Russia can only be two seasons as president.Is that right and in china the Hu Jin Tao isn`t resaining anyway. And he still suppresses Tibetans.

Please follow the news and think yourself. So free your mind of oppression. We have to live better and haw selfdignity. What wuold anyones wife or not to mention dad say if game drunk to home. And every night.

We have to have freedom of speech. Of constitution. Have anyone felt to be in the pressure of different offices. Well I have. And I don`t like that. Freedom of mind is that don`t give a ***** about it. Live in the situation that is. That is freedom of mind. Freedom of mind is that: Don`t have to hurt or insult. And to give the freedom to be who you truly are. And say if is pissed about something.

So we should be more free to choose what we wear. Or to choose what music we listen. Or just be who we are.

If it is nonharmulful to others. That is my mainpoint. We can`t keep hurting eachothers. We can choose a nonharmful lifestyle. And care about eachother. There are bad people but it is own choice to be one of those kind of people. Hope I can send this. So atleast I am Free.. πŸ™‚