A poem.

This night

I don`t remember the last night

I don`t care


Don`t have to open up

Only friends matter


The battle  is lost

My dear friends

But we have music and our selfes


The endles march

Of Maos or tibetans


Wu Shu and the truth

The eternity in a battle

Or to be beatiful


Without scars

Without pain


And only cloudwalls


thousend times thousend soldiers


The art of zen.

Meditaion benefits us all. It is the moment between thoughts. So meditation in basic is longering the moment. When doesn`t think. For example winter is coming in Finland and after cutting the grass whole summer. Well at least a few times can start to think about snow work.

The best way to those things is by good calm and peacuful even possibly enjoyable attitude. I started to do my familyes snow works when I was around 14-15. And still in my yard sometimes do those. One benefit of living in apartmen building is less yardwork.

But this one Finnish zen monk wrote in his book: Suomalainen zenin opas. (The Finnish zen guide.) That there is also a zen of sauna. ( Finnish hotroom.) Where we do go and yes naked. And whole familyes at the same time. The sauna is for quieting down and more thoughtful than only partying. Also sauna drink is important. But it is also for spiritual and for warmth. In the cold winter. And finnish say that if sauna, tar and tärtpätti or liquer don`t heal it is for death.

So we could do things in more joyful feeling and not to be pissed allways. It can be also practised. Which I don`t start to teach. I`m not exatly a lifestyle coach. But like to think there is a better way towards life attitude than to be pissed.

This video doesn`t have so much to do with meditation. But neat video anyway. I

It is difficult to escape the ratrace. So we could be more happy in our life.I wuold choose to be happy than pissed everytime in my life. But I do get angry and allways isn`t fun. But with more understandment could life more compassionate and happy and more joyful life.

Leonardo here we come.

Heh, didn` t have anything better to think on this night. So I started to think of a form to count a single humans reach. And so Leanardo da Vinchi here we come.

Measure the lengh of feet and that gives the straight through of a ball a human reaches or in other words, on longest, humans reach a lengh of one leg to every direction. The sraight through is because ball is widest through middle.

Human reach also is 3d. Not only 2d..

If one bends in forward is able to take hold of toes. Bend on most. Also martial artists know that we are able to kick on the head level, which is again allmost double reach of the leg.

Bending, never mind about underwear..

So this as continuation to Leanardos thought.