Summa Summarum: A grazy year 2011 in Asia.

Well I had really weird time last year. I have been interested of Asian cultures for sometime now. And also studied Asian studies at university, with decent degrees. this writing is about happenings that occured in Asia last year. I couldn`t during the whole year believe anymore of what was going in there. Also I had some and I quess pretty strong phsycal reactions last year. Those reactions could be counted as paranormal, nut of that later. I don`t anymore remember everything by dates and also and because this is only a short writing and not a giantic study, which might even be in place. Still I try to keep at least some timeline to this writing.

So the first news was that North-Korea opened fire to South-Koreas Yeonpyeong island. That Island has a military base and South-Korea shot estimated 200 missiles to there. That got The Koreas on brink of devasteting war which wuold have had catasthropical consicuenses. South-Korea has really poverfull missiles that can be shot to Seoul, South-Koreas capitalcity and a home to estimated 25 million people. Also seoul is dominent industrial giant. Well sometime went by, during which I was fearing of III world war to start. That never started. And this is weird. The Koreas suddenly started peace talks and made peace. Then North-Korea decided to show the first western movie ever in theres TV-network. After that King Young Ill the long time president of North-Korea passed away. After that no threating news from Korea pencilum has echoed to national news cervices.

There happened a tzunami in Japan I includ this to this text also. A massive tzunami wiped Japan badly. A nuclear powerplant was damaged and casualties grew high. News footage of damaged nuclear plant people mourning and so on exploded through out the world. Also mass burials was pictured. Which was somewhat weird, because there were aroun ten or more sometimes less japanese burieng there closeones. Everybody can figure out how much I wondere about those footages. That intriqued me to send via email an question to our local newspaper: Aamulehti. I asked if it is possible that godzilla might be born out of that catastrophy. I don`t want to hurt anyone but I had hard time thinking about those news footages.

Then came easter. On long friday I started to feel sort of energy bumbs on my hands and on my legs. Sort of like stigmatas. I went to doctor about those and she cave me a diagnosis of 1 2 3 and a few days vecation. Weirdest diagnosis ever. Also I felt small earthquakes. Yes in Finland where earthquakes shouldn`t even happen or if there are those those are so small skale that those aren`t often even felt. The next day on easter saturday I check Indian Timely. A decent indian news service. There were huge news that what is believed to be a holy man: Saudi Baba had passed on earlier day which was friday. Saudi Baba had for through out his career referred himself to Jeses Chrisht and had estimated 30 million followers. He was from hindu religion and thought to be enlightened and had many strong followers from politics and other of social fields.

Then started to come news that Ayung Suu Kyi is due to be relised from house arrest that had been on for her for 28 eight years or so. Burma had also parlamentarly elections coming and those continued Suu Kyes home arrest for a few months. Burma has really strong military lead and is one of the countries that has the least freedom of speech and freedom of social activity of inhabitants. So few moths went by and then suddenly Burma released Suu Kyi. Weirdest thing the so called free and democratic western countries didn`t even demand that so much. There weren`t any hard polital prussuring towards Burma to rlease her and still she was released.  As a small description Suu Kyi is influentialhuman rights fighter that was elected as Burmas primeminister before military put her to home arrest and took over the political lead in Burma.

Also China decided to count there population. And with chinese degnity those probably came to conclusion that chinese is the most biggest nation by inhabitan numbers in the world and therefore big things are expected and will be done. Also my cousin stayd as change student in Beijing the whole of last year. And I had hard times thinking of what and if nothing I wuold send to him, via skype, of the news from east. At here I am noting of Chinas policy considering net usage and of centences of provoting people and centences of harmful deeds and speech toward the peoples repupclic. Also 25 young monks and nuns self immolated themself by setting themself on fire as demonstration against chinese goverment. That provoked even the USA to mention it in media. And things in Tibet are horrible. Tibetans are suffering and there doesn`t seem to be seen any help coming. And I am deeply buddhist and wery hurt of these self immolations. Killing or hurting is allways wrong even if it done while meditating. Violence isn`t the answer to anything. It only provokes  more violence and suffering.

So this happened in Asia pretty much in the last year. And because I wrote this from my memory from the news I saw and read there can be mistakes and at leats there is in the timeline of happenings. But this isn`t a study so there can be everybody who gets interested of this can search news about these happenings which I mentioned and surely can find more that I didn`t mention. But last year went by with wondering of what the is going on in Asia.


Communist international, mayday drunk and brave idea. Only, it doesn`t work.

It seems that the coldwar is over now. Atleast until the next one. Which I hope that won`t come. I do believe that we have learned to talk better to each others as individuals but also as nations. That is if we don`t count in the constant violence is disstolerance of different people and theres cultures.

The weight of trouble have moved to other areas. Where they have allways been, nut those troubles haven`t been regogniced by media. I mean the pensilum of Korea and also the Middle-East also the South-America and also the constant sabre clanging in the East.

The cold war started when the II world war was finished. America and Soviet Union couldn`t find anything in common anymore. Those had the same enemy Japan and Germany and also Italy. At that time England was licking her wounds. (The Natzis bommed London bad, during the war. Also Winston Churchill, the untireing warhero left the political stage.)

So coldwar started from totally different market values by Nations. That is the common understandment. West promoted free kapitalism and the American dream. That well planned and well marketed makes profit.

The communists promoted that everybody sheres work and then the country leaders divide the money and commodites farely to the people. Also everything that was produced was planned in annual plans for more years than one.

We study history from the time we live in. So we allways study it of how it has happened. I mean that there is no point in asking what IF it happened otherwise and what wuold have happened from that. It happened as it did. And history studyes tells us what happened and why it happened as it did. And that is historians interpreteding.

So we know that communism have wanished alot from the world and (free) trying won. Communism as and market construction and or a philosophy is beatiful. I have to say that. But in the end it is like a juicy looking apple which is rotten inside.

Communism in basic shuold be more even money dividing by leaders and workers. A humane and nonviolent and open talk with leaders and workers.

In reality communism was and is an apparat for terrorize people under it. No freedom of speech no freedom of travel. In basic no freedom what so ever. The first and biggest change in Russia when it freed itselve frum communism in the early 90`s was tha Mc Donalds was established. The line to it was hundreds of metres long.

The weird thing about ending of communism in Soviet Union was that it happened mostly nonviolently.

I have to mention now as a total side remark that The late leader of North-Korea Kimg Young Ill shot 18 hole in ones in singular golf game. Huh, also he has runned marathon many times, as it is reported.

Well this writing turned against communism and everybody who has been in school or follows the news has some knoledge why it is wrong. Also in Chine which I left aside from this writing is opening more and more all the time. People wan`t freedom of choise and freedom of choosing there workplace and school they attend to. And also to party sometimes.

Also North-Korea showd the first western film in theres TV and are in talks of peace with South-Korea. We should change our political wiews to more humane and more compassion between people isn`t bad thing at all. Dictators ruled the world for too long time.