The Call of the Sea


The sea wind was caressing

and there was a waiting sensation at the harbour


Towards something new

and yet so familiar


The ship was being loaded

and no one knew when they would return

If would return at all


The last goodbyes

and towards the unknown…


I sometimes like to play with different mediums of the internet. Like save skype conversations. This one is from wednesday evening.

[22.3.2012 0:34:04] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: glasuvai za moqta snimka
[22.3.2012 0:36:14] Erkka Kanto: Yea.
[22.3.2012 0:36:25] Erkka Kanto: It happens
[22.3.2012 0:36:34] Erkka Kanto: shit cool page though
[22.3.2012 0:36:45] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: please vote for me
[22.3.2012 0:36:54] Erkka Kanto: will do
[22.3.2012 0:37:03] Erkka Kanto: whats the tion
[22.3.2012 0:37:22] Erkka Kanto: on to what to vote
[22.3.2012 0:37:32] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: like
[22.3.2012 0:37:36] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: klick Like
[22.3.2012 0:37:41] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: (y)
[22.3.2012 0:37:46] Erkka Kanto: i did
[22.3.2012 0:37:54] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: okey thanx
[22.3.2012 0:38:05] Erkka Kanto: yea
[22.3.2012 0:38:25] Erkka Kanto: so I`m on an emotional mood
[22.3.2012 0:38:34] Erkka Kanto: after thaibox training
[22.3.2012 0:38:55] Erkka Kanto: so compassion is a thing of attitude
[22.3.2012 0:39:04] Erkka Kanto: how u are on stage
[22.3.2012 0:39:13] Erkka Kanto: can fuck of audience
[22.3.2012 0:39:37] Erkka Kanto: or should make them have a better day
[22.3.2012 0:39:48] Erkka Kanto: the attitude to life should be
[22.3.2012 0:40:00] Erkka Kanto: relax and compassionate
[22.3.2012 0:40:13] Erkka Kanto: that way everybody wuold be more happy
[22.3.2012 0:40:23] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: yep
[22.3.2012 0:40:24] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: ­čśÇ
[22.3.2012 0:40:30] Erkka Kanto: and in fire arts wuold have fun time performing
[22.3.2012 0:40:40] Erkka Kanto: and audience wuold go home
[22.3.2012 0:40:50] Erkka Kanto: and say that was fun
[22.3.2012 0:41:11] Erkka Kanto: whats the point of being unhappy or miserable
[22.3.2012 0:41:32] Erkka Kanto: when with a twich of mood could enjoy life and be happy
[22.3.2012 0:41:45] Erkka Kanto: understanding and compassionate
[22.3.2012 0:42:00] Erkka Kanto: that ultimatly is the only way
[22.3.2012 0:42:09] Erkka Kanto: to better life
[22.3.2012 0:42:29] Erkka Kanto: The buddha isn`t found from India
[22.3.2012 0:42:38] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: where
[22.3.2012 0:42:45] Erkka Kanto: he can be only found from ones soul
[22.3.2012 0:43:08] Erkka Kanto: The key to englightement is in ourselves
[22.3.2012 0:43:15] Erkka Kanto: not outside of us
[22.3.2012 0:43:29] Erkka Kanto: Yea the body matters the mind matters
[22.3.2012 0:44:01] Erkka Kanto: but those two together brings more and better understanding of ourselfes
[22.3.2012 0:44:20] Erkka Kanto: and that is allready towards englightenment
[22.3.2012 0:45:00] Erkka Kanto: and if we understand that I Don
`t want to feel pain
[22.3.2012 0:45:45] Erkka Kanto: and if I am sentient being then others don`t want pain either
[22.3.2012 0:45:47] Erkka Kanto: …
[22.3.2012 0:45:58] Erkka Kanto: pain rules too much the world
[22.3.2012 0:46:06] Erkka Kanto: it causes suffering
[22.3.2012 0:46:23] Erkka Kanto: and life should be used to learn
[22.3.2012 0:46:37] Erkka Kanto: and to help others in there trouble
[22.3.2012 0:46:40] Erkka Kanto: ….
[22.3.2012 0:46:52] Erkka Kanto: in comparison to shoot people
[22.3.2012 0:46:59] Erkka Kanto: to hurt people
[22.3.2012 0:47:18] Erkka Kanto: or to get wasted and not mind fuck about nothing
[22.3.2012 0:47:21] Erkka Kanto: ….
[22.3.2012 0:47:25] Erkka Kanto: Spend a life as fool
[22.3.2012 0:47:44] Erkka Kanto: must feel a king for a day
[22.3.2012 0:47:49] Erkka Kanto: ….
[22.3.2012 0:48:03] Erkka Kanto: Sorry thaibox got me on thinking mood
[22.3.2012 0:48:20] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: no problem ­čśÇ
[22.3.2012 0:48:40] Erkka Kanto: yea i`ve noticed you are often in skype
[22.3.2012 0:49:33] Erkka Kanto: is there snake season in australia at the moment
[22.3.2012 0:50:00] Erkka Kanto: I have heard there are quite the pythons at times.
[22.3.2012 0:51:50] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: I’m going to sleep good Night
[22.3.2012 0:51:51] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: ­čśÇ
[22.3.2012 0:52:04] [FiRe MaNiA]~~!ToTioO!~~: (wave)
[22.3.2012 0:52:22] Erkka Kanto: Yea and a smoke for me
[22.3.2012 0:52:40] Erkka Kanto: pretty late night in finland



That is Tibet. It is part of China and has been since China marched into Tibet in 1950 under Mao. Tibets spritual leader H.H Dalai Lama is world known and was avarded with the nobel peace price in 1989. The situation in Tibet is very difficult at the moment. Tibetans aren`t pleased of the chinese goverment ruling Tibet. Tibetans as it seems want independence.

Tbetans main religion is buddhism and is a cultural heritage. It has stayd pretty much unchanged for a long time now. The fear is that Tibetan culture dimineshes. China is trying to tye Tibet more to it`s mainland. China build a railway from Beijing to Tibet and it is sayed that it brings more wealth to Tibet. Also Tibets govermental lead is held by chinese officials.

Those things bug many Tibetans and there have been ongoing demonstrations inside Tibet. Also the demonstrations have spread to other parts in the world as well. At this moment in New York infront of UN building there is a hungerstrike by tibetans and it has lasted for I quess 18 days now. Also at least 25-30 monks or nuns has self immolated themselves inside Tibet. This made allready the highest lead of America to take stanpoint against situation in Tibet.

I am deeply concerned about situation in Tibet. I don`t allow violence of anykind, caused to oneself or to others. And I do consider that Tibet has unique and deeply important religious culture and it should be preserved. But China is really big and higly populated country and there is really hayvy laws against public disorder and rising up against goverment. I do understand the needs for those laws. Controlling huge masses call that kind of laws. I don`t accept uncontrolled anarchy or civil disobience either.

China restricts the religious freedom of  Tibetans and Tibetans causes social disruption. That seems to be the different sides in this situation. There aren`t real discussion in this crises. China also blaims that the disruption is flamed by the Dalai Lama gligue, which also covers the refugees in Dharamsala. Dharamsala lyes in northern part of India and is the refugee city of  Tibetans, given them by gandhi, after the big upraising by tibetans on March 10`th 1959. The upraising was quigly put down by Chinas military and caused Dalai Lama to flee off from his home country.

China offers wealth and commodityes and Tibetans want more freedom. Even independence. But I have started to ponder if  Tibet is at all ready for independence. Tibet doesn`t much infrastructure of anykind. And we all know that selling beads, bags or religious artefacts isn`t much a global business. So if Tibet is allowed independence it has a threat to fall into uncontrolled slump that wuold be destructive to tibetans. Tibet is by my understandment heavyly dependent off China.

Tibet is autunomous part of China. And I wuold hope that this crises wuold end completly. I hope more freedom for Tibetans and that Tibetans stop violence of allkind. And stops revolting against authorities. Only discussion and compassion can solve problems. Hitting causes on pain and more disruption. I also hope that Tibets unique religious culture is more accepted in China. Violence has to be stoppod from both sides. Only then and with increased discussion and understandment situation in Tibet can get better.

I only pray that everybody keeps their calm reading this and STOP VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR.

Hardcore :)

   Hardcore for me is an attitude of life. How to take setpacks, that does occcur in life. It doesn`t have to be a state of total denial of happines or denial of feeling compassion towards friends and family. Hardcore is determined by majority of people as destructful and violentic music and art.

Actually I`d say that hardcore doesn`t increase violent behavior it actually decreases it. Usually the most violently behaving people are those who listen to hillbilly music so called ordinary people. Expect Sid Vicious was shit violent and also a heroin junky.

Hardcore music has allways had the aim to shock people. Since Ramones started to do music the scene hasn`t been the same. They played really fast and was compered to a thunder storm with out any capability to understand the theories of music, not to mention the ability to read notes.

Ramones started the punk wave and soon came along bands like Sexpistols and Clash. Sexpistols and mainly the lead singer Johnny Rotten has claimed to have started the punk scene. There are numerous of different opinions of that. In any case there shock value to public was something else.  Kids that followed Sexpistols given example pierced themself with safetypins through cheeks and ears. They distinquished themselfs out of normal people in society by armyboots tight jeans and leatherjackets. They had mohawk hairstyles and girls had lots of makeup. The philosophy was anarchy. Against society and especially the nine to five working life.

Anyway I count many of the first punk bands as starters of the hardcore music style. Allready Music stars in the 60`s announced that rock is dead, but punks anthemed their social revolt in a new style. Punk music style was followed also by other arts to name: poetry, painting and designing was influenced by punk style. The DIY attitude that anyone can do their own thing was an opening though to many artists to be. Punk hasn`t died yet. Still there is quite active punk scene. Every kid has listened to famous (pop)punk bands like Offspring and also Greenday perhaps even Rancid.  And some young punks actually staid as punks.

I can imagine that many young punks after they have grown up have got interested of helping troubled kids or of yoga or things that aren`t so ordinary. (And the hippie inside me rised it`s head.)

The metalscene started in the 80`s from bands like Venom and Motorhead and so on also more common Twisted Sister and W.A.S.P and also Metallica had it`s influence. Ozzy still did, and had done his career since Black Sabbath days which often has been named as the first metal band.┬á The trumoil of metal happened in the 90`s when norweigan blackmetal musiciand started to do crimes. Those for example burned churches and so on. That caused a fear towards heavymetal and it was started to be called satanic, which was what blackmetallist actually preachd. Nowdays blackmetal isn`t so openly against church but doesn`t embrace it either. The most famous blacmetal bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir are thought to be controversial bands in blackmetal. Those often are thought to have “sold out”. Which means those are too popular for many blacmetallist to be liked by black metal fans or there music has too many orchestral parts.

Nowdays heavymetal music has gone more on trash or garage style of music. It was mainly started by works of Sepultura and Pantera, and lately folloved by bands like Inflames and Children of Bodom. Also the tough hardcore metal by bands like Napalm Death, (which most people say is unlisteneble) and some more punkier bands like allreydy brokenup band Refused. Especially Refused earlier works are something to consider as influence to many bands of today. Refused did as there last album higly critised: The Modern Shape of Punk to Come. It had techno and orchetral parts and many punks didn`t accept that. That album spread rumors if it was the reason Refused split up.

The first industrial bands like Sisters of Mercy and Danzig started a new style of music. The goth or industrial scene with it`s many understyles. Sisters of Mercy used synths in there music and it really started a new and really cool music style. The industrial music style brought up the digitalhardcore style. Which mainly uses synths and very aggressive singing which resembles shouting or screaming.  The most famous band of digitalhardcore are Atari Teenage Riot. It`s members Alec Empire and also Hanin Elias have prominet solo careers. In digitalhardcore isn`t so rare to be female musicians as in Lolita Storm.

The problematic thing in hardcore music is that selling out is really important guestion to consider. It has many sides to it. With more listeners the band members can consentrate to make music or so it is sayed. Often stardom brings troubles of fame and with fame can lose the respect of the scene. Many think that smaller club gigs offer better atmosphere and are a lot more fun than big stadion gigs, where normal collar workers might come also as audience. There still is a reason why some bands begomes “big” and mainly allways it is that those are doing something right. Those are doing music that many people enjoy and like to listen.

Hardcore is also a way of life. Like going in to the dentist and so on as and afterwords. So hardcore go on.