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Not exactly a hip hop hot rod

Hip hop or rap is a youth art. It is spoken words or lyrics done into a beat. Sort of following the footsteps of blues musicians. In hip hop is important to have a game on. That means that ladies are respected and to have a “pimp” style.


Pimp is some one who has a game going on. And have a dozen of hoes around him doing his every bid. In short a player. A man and individual who has gotten knowledge of things. A worthy playa. BIATZH. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some player are cooler than others like. The big professor player like Dr Dre and the big dog himself Snoop Dogg who started the rap shit game and should be respected of that. No bullshit gang violence. Only hanging out with guys or like Snoop possibly says with dogs. A few beers don`t have to mean home violence and police patrol coming to bust you all. Yes if fives get beaten shit starts to fly. In more than one way.

Now days there are some and many smaller rap gangstas who aren`t sold out like the big bosses of west coast. But what does it tell of the quality of music if million people like to hear it. And also gigs are constantly sold out. So dream on about big dollaz. These big bosses of west coast have there money on there sight. And to true ganstaz ย is it really worth it. To wake up in ditch. ๐Ÿ™‚


Around when the public discussion ends

The last song of sorrow

And a stone faced communist leader telling what to do

All men to carry the coffin

Take hold on the ropes and lift

(Even continues)

Women sing the internationaal,

but not too loud

Now we are berrying communism

High class berial

Poets lurk in the corner table of Telakka

-Well is it buried yet

In the third floor of Telakka

The freedom of speech steps on stage

On the seats sits a philosopher

A Descartean doubter

And even doubts that and writes a kritique of it

It isn`t published in the Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper

It is published in the Parnassos

Perfect sencoring

An arts professsor

Comsi Comsa is smirking

And thinks an avangarde essey

of ancient Romes statum in modern technology industrie

The worst part for him is to attach

Aristoteles philosophy to it

Also Samuel Beckett

-Thouse were speekers of better inner peace

-I wuold suppose that medical world wuold benefit greatly of there life work

And at the same time a poet listens to Claptons: Layla

Can a wolf grow his son to be a sheep?

My late mom said that she was a tiger mom

After she had fought and gotten me to end abusing drugs

I wanted to quit myself

And that is how come I ended

It started to feel like work

Tiger mom I did have

When she grow me up

I think I am moderatly sophisticated

And learned man

Aa, but elsewhere: in the wild west

As the Uggly is buiyng a gun and sipping whisky

Well of course he doesn`t pay those

The sun is shining, it is spring

And after a half a year

It is stormy and windy night

And to here I`ll stop this poem.

Future and transport

The oil is ending from the world. So we humans should think ahead of how we are going to travel in the future. Also it is sometimes fun to play with thoughts concerning the future. There are all ready some technologies for non petrol cars. For example all ready good innovation is a car that runs partially with electric and after battery runs out it changes on petrol. The problem of electric cars is how to charge those. Also different cars that run with more eco friendly oils have been invented. The problem is how to supply more friendly oils.

Oil is actually old waste such as leafs or other bio material that has suppressed into natural caves deep into the ground. And it takes thousands of years when bio material when under heavy pressure becomes oil. So after we use all the oil we have more won`t came.

We are using all the time more oil. A big problem is if big and fast economically growing countries like China and India or Argentina, to name a few, starts to buy a lot of cars. For instance in many super big cities there aren`t enough parking places for every car. Also our planets eco system doesn`t last so many cars.

So we should benefit on public transport. For example in London there is good network of underground. I was bit amazed when in London and under underground strike the tubes were going only every 6-7 min. Also might think that in many countries the bicycle could be good transporting vehicle for long time to come. Some cities are even famous of bicycling culture, like Peking and Amsterdam.


In the future I could think that many vehicles might be working with gravitation systems. When there isn`t friction then need less energy for moving. So one good innovation might be like in Back to the Future movies a gravitation skateboard. ๐Ÿ™‚


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