Sleeping with old memories.

The thing is. Usually I have insomnia. Which is anyway useful because I`m supposod to sleep in a same building with a vampire quite often. The thing is that if something isn`t broken don`t bother to fixe it. It will only tear it apart. Machines aren`t like humans because there is a reason what is broken and that can be fixed. Humans have emotions and thoughts. So repairing humans isn`t quite that simple. My body is where I live in so I should learn to use it as well as I can. Learning dexterity, yoga, juggling ETC. Being in that can do things that I want it to do is beneficial for me. So can there be any more nihilistic philosophy than mine. The best drug is life itself. Not any drug can numb the utter stupidity of living in mouses wheel. ūüôā

The beast with in
The beat around me
The change of the world
The beast caged in the haert of the city
Alas. From the cold mountains of norway
the ancient wikings rode to war.
Alive! she cried
Thus woke the ridicule of gods
And the good old people thew up
Again                                                                                    Two people met
   Again                                                                          The other a sweetheart brunet
       Again                                                                      The other a handsome man                     
          Again                                                                   Formed a family 
              Again                                                                      Thats all   
So what did we learn today
The class answers:
“Black holes are formed from¬†a collapsed sun. When sun collapses it first grows gigantly and then starts to pull itself together. And forms a supernova that has a massive gravity. That pinches a hole in the space¬†and so a black hole is formed. Black holes have such a gravity pull that it does¬†warp every known physical laws.”
“Pii is 3,14”
“Arigato is japanese. Means welcome. So does dasvidanja, which is russia.”
What else: Wll I watched Twilight finally today. Yeas the first¬†movie of the twilight series. So it was really cool movie.¬†The best ever and so on.¬†So this is an anylysis of¬†Twilight. ūüôā¬†

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