How to keep three stones in the air at the same time.

There are many sports that have evolved from the street world as major sports. For example skateboarding, bmx and snowboarding. Those sports have started to be seen as important sports by also the genaral majority who follows sport. That means that they have to take apart from drug using street gangs. Sorry to all users that is how it is. Normally drug taking is considered to be a individual addiction problem. That harms greatly all close ones of the addict. Family, school, work friends, etc. So everyone are interested of sports and so are addicts, but in the real life those doen´t go in together.

The possibility for sports to develop, it is necessity to deny drug or alcohol drinking.

So where am I going with this. Well to we have to start a competion form of juggling. In skate, snow boarding is competed and that has woken up the interest of general majority of sport following people. And great exiting games those are. Hippies juggle is something that I have my self come across too often.


It should be well doing people who are interested in developing understandment of nature and of juggling as an performing art. In performing world there are all ways competion. Like in everywhere in life there is the notion of competion.

Often jugglers are unique people who love juggling, but for real. Drug parties or son on doesn`t belong in well doing peoples world. So again the proplem isn`t in friend groups, in music, in juggling, in martial arts. The problem is in drugs and in drug related grimes. Those aren`t good. Mm, okay. So in short the juggling world that is spreadding fast and keeps amazing people world wide should take the next step to shape and develop itself (juggling) as a major art form and a sport.     



Drungen Style


Kvark :)

The theory is that candy or in finnish (karkki) is like kvark the smallest particle in space. The so called dark materia is actually consisting out of kvarks and is radiant material. In where space winds can freely travel. Space isn`t empty because it consists of dark materia that is kvark. So also light can very well travel in space. Somehow light shines through small particles because light is energy and not a particle. That´s how come we have light on our planet it comes from the nearest star the sun. 

The space also has a sound. It all the time resonates. And sound travels in space very well. But only 360 m/ second. That`s how we count how near thunder is: a FLASH =>  1…2…3. Brrruuuaaanggg. So thunder is 1080 metres away. Rounded a kilometrer away.

So exatly nothing else is empty than my bank account and I cannot enjoy candy or shopping life is that limited. But is there a change involved. Propably not there is a explanation to everything. That is scientist way of looking life. But we aren`t robots. And have feelings and also faults. Pains and aches. But also joy of succeeding and and joy of having fun. Execpt no candy. Less candy is really less candy. 

Ultimatly life is easier with out great depencyes or difficulties. It is the about the point of view into life. Life in a gutter isn`t very enjoyable. Everyone knows that. And still some people have to live in a gutter. How come. Go figure. But a short introduction to a video. Where a sharp object pierces through a glass plate.

How can you hide in a house of glass.

The Speed of Light

The speed of light is easily examined by turning on a normal household light. It is the speed the light travels from the source of light. It is also a common physical term. Well does it matter. It sure does. For example transver data by using light fiber cable would enable more better, safer and faster data transfering.

First we had smoke signals then morse languege and then a telefon. Soon we have a confrence via internet. Well the technology is allready possible for that confrence. The trouble is if there is actual need for those confrences. For example in the 80`s when I was rather young the big hype was of video calls. And now when those are possible there isn`t so much buzz about those. The world is getting smaller and smaller.

That is a theory that descripes the speed of news travelling around the world. When something happens the news travels really fast from that happening around the globe. So in the olden times the world was the home village then the city then the country then the continent and so on. And if there anymore even is any periferia. The people of the world are connected to each other. It does matter what happens in other countries, because it reflects into our own country. And in every country and in every race there are also people who have racist opinions and ideas. Thought are allready really close to actions. So careful learned man controls own thoughts well.


A few days ago I showe a friend how I put my hand, fingers straight against a closet door. And asked do you know how come I cannot put my hand through it. He started to consider different Karate techniques of breaking the door. But I was thinking physics. The door was dencer material than my hand. S.O it was wood. So a good Karate chop cuold have broken the atoms to disparse and broken the wood into wood chops. But the main point was how the atoms stay together in that material by pulling each other in together.



Materia equals energy.

And material can be transfered into energy by burning or running (water, liquids, wind). The energy is the pull that atoms have and is in its nucleus structure that has atoms and eloctrons.  And yes depending of the chemical element of the atom it is wood or iron or water and so on. And the more chemical elements and the more difficult chemical form the substance or materia has the more developed the materia is. How to simplyfy this. We humans also construct of the same materia as the world around us do like everything does.