Personal Imposter

There is something weird about us. People have there influences and they fan stars. Everyone does. That is normal. Someone looks good and takes influence. Some one does good work that many likes, that is normal. But when the fan liking goes too long. Or and when does it. Not to offend, but an example of this could be the hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston. When friends was top hot every woman had to have Jennifer Aniston hair style. And how to get one, was analyzed in hours quantityes of time in media.


The star make up and so on is a good basic content of what influence stars have. They are noticed and live in the front of us humans. Everyone does matter, but some people are more noticed than others. That is normal for our human culture. No stars aren`t politicians but politicians are also public figures and in that manner the same issues influence them as to stars. In short they are in media often.

The weirdest thing is to make own life as wuold be the star itself. Imitating a star.


For example the best ever Hemingway day where there is 20 or something Hemingways at present. In Vegas there 8 Elvis out of ten. Or Madonnas or so on. So what do we make of this. Some people are more noticed than others and many start to take influence of them. Bruce Lee says: that it is like a finger pointing at the moon. If you stare at the finger you will miss all the heavenly glory. In short don`t stare the man himself, but rather stare where he is staring and find your own way that is reasonable. If all ways only argues the reason why might be found from the mirror.