Like Headless Chicken

Wome cannot englighten. That is how Lord Buddha teaches. What does that mean or how to understand it. Often women feels like wuold know more than what is thought of. Women understand men better than they actually even knows. Sometimes it is thought that because women have periods they cannot concentrate enough in meditation and practicing of compassion. Often is thought that women are too foolish or too fashion orientated, which bothers meditation.

Well be this or that women cannot englighten. That is how Lord Buddha teaches us. It means just that. Women cannot englighten. That is difficult concept. Lord Buddha also decided that women cannot turn as nuns, but his own mom and sys actually were the first buddhist nuns. And Lord Buddha accepted even that. So women them self decided that.


Pretty hot guy. 🙂

There are many miss concept`s in his world. one of those is that male oriented Japan forces women to wake up on crueling small hours. That is incorrect. I have to say I like to wake up early. Today I happened to wake up 5.30 and put comp on and good music. Todays morning music wuold be HIM. And made coffee. Coffee by the way isn`t filtered. It is distilled.


Hmm, woolly socks needed. 🙂

Filtering is process, where liquid is run through a filter to distract a substance out of it. Distilling is a process where liquid is run through a substance to saturate that liquid with another substance. I.E. So hot water is saturetad through filter coffee (normal coffee) so that makes ready liquid that is coffee. It is a question of liking of how full coffee likes. Some like more black coffee than others, But my coffee tastes the best and others are wrong. 🙂

So women cannot englighten that is how simple it is. One possibility is that Lord Buddha happened to be pretty pissed when he statemented that. He was raised and lived among were strong women so that might have been Lord Buddhas and other monks statement sometimes. When they ran into difficulties.

This or that Women cannot englighten. LOVE. 🙂