Say no to hope

Do we care & Say no to hope. My mum was kind of unique person. She used to learn me not to die of hunger next to bread. Also she used to say, if you don´t behave I will sell you to gypsies. Or that she is so angry that it`s gonna rain angry grammas. Well some storyes say that I was sold to a traveling freak circus sideshow. There is some thruth in that. I kinda love side show performers. The lived live does show from them. Somehow still they charm the audience. I myself do know how to juggle and have performed a few times as a juggler. I believe that is more career knowledge for myself as a performing artist. 

The teenager goth princes. Yup, that wuold be me and I don`t believe that everyone is enough zealous to me. Everyone is allowed to dream but say no to hope. No one has asked my opinion about witchcraft. Does that really apply in modern world. I heard that still to 70`s a gypsy woman came to see from cards to my grandma at her parlowr. My grandma had two sister`s and they lived very old. She was taken to downstairs at that point to see from cards. She was kinda special woman. There were some stories that I heard when I was young: the youngest is the strongest. Well I am really stubborn and so is my sister.  

Withes craft was taken from the criminal law in nineteenth century across the Europe and in America. That didn`t fit anymore with the philosophy of the fast industrializing Europe. Thinking is the same as action. So wise man carefully guards his thoughts. Starting to think of something. Starts to take thought to that way. So think positive. Makes live easier. Think of harming people or close ones starts from small like a snowball effect can launch into action. That is what lord Buddha thought and is right in that one. 

Everything cannot be accepted and I am strict utilatirist I.E the common good is better than individuals suffering. I was also thought not to swear too much. I have that habit of sometimes to swear. 



I Landed too Short.

La Luna. The moon is made of cheese. This must have been one of most general considerations of the moon. The moon is yellow and so on must be made of cheese. Some one very hungry or cheese lover must have thought this. The sun is a ball of fire and the great balls of fire (Jerry Lee Lewis). So how do we determine our world that we live in. “I think there for I do exist” Statemented Descartes. He doubted everything until found one thing he can not argue against. That was he`s existence. He also went on to determine the laws of causality. Hears a thunder, must be a storm coming. I.E.


The father of modern physics. We can notice Einstein has considered much physics. 🙂

The Greeks of antique considered that the world is held by Tantalos. A giant that the gods had put to hold the earth. Also the world was considered to be flat like pan cake. If one wuold have sailed on the edge of world wuold have dropped of from it. So there have been many different concepts of the world that we can consider as humouristic by our scientific view of today.

People used to be afraid of the nature. There were many unseen things that were scary. In the woods something rustles and it startels. Now days people that have been drinking a bit too much sees even small people. That must have all ways been so.

But time is substantial like Einstein put it. Sometimes time goes more fast and sometimes is bored. Time feels like it is crawling forward. It has a lot to do how we feel the passing of time. And also has to do with our reaction times. Reaction time can be also practiced and is vital for athletes.

Gravity is also important. With out gravity we wuold drop from our Tellus (planet Earth) to space. Gravity pulls us towards the ground and makes it difficult for us to fly. Gravity is y,G = 6,67428 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2.

So what about that we could count with that for the pull of gravity on our self. I`d rather wuold leave that for next time. I enjoy theoretical physics but sometimes also counting or maths, but actually often less of the counting part of physics. Anyways occured to me to post this one.

Take it easy. 🙂