Somewhere Over the Raimbow

I wan`t to go somewhere. Not to drink, but somewhere where is fun and people.

Where is that? I don`t know. There isn`t that place. So stay home and bore.

The final thruth of everything is that it is difficult to know what to wear. If wuold wear a T-shirt and what with that to go along. I buoght a new leather jacket, that actually is cool. I allreydy passed that Idea, but actually got leatherjacket of that style. I was thinking. Possibly it wasn`t so poor idea in the first place. But now I am wondering what to wear with that.

James Dean: “A Rebel Without a Cause”. “What are you rebelling against? What you got?”

There is a cool line in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. -“What are you rebelling against? What you got?” That pretty well sums it up. Well rebelling isn`t the same thing as alcohol and or drug addiction. Those merely are addictions. Rebelling is honesty to own self. Freedom from mental slavery. Addiction actually is the biggest individual habit to sustein that I can think of. Actually is like W. Borroughs analyzed it. ” To sustein an addiction really keeps hands tied up, from doing anything else.”

So but the final thruth about everthing is that it is difficult to decide what to wear. If it rains. If the cloths aren`t good. Too hot or too cold. Looks stupid, but is comfortable. And other way around. But hey that Life.