Public Announcement.

I feel that actually a public announcement is needed: It isn`t a competion who invents the best way to blow it all. 

“I mean we have a rather small fence between our neighbours. A piss stick in the forest. 

Now those god deam ruskies have gone to invent street fighting system Systema. And the youngest one of them is wearing a Stetson. Bullshit. We need to invent our own fighting tactics: K9 tactics. Bullshit any race is over. Actually I had prior to this given a speech where I said that we came to speak of good interest and friendship. And that Russia economy is on staple ground. So on. Actual discussion between army:s of two great superpower nations.”

In the Asian news: “Japan has succesfully landed on a metoerite with a satallite”

Next week`s top scandal China demands ownership of the same meteorite. They explain that in fact it has been a cultural landmark for the Chiese since the medival ages. South Korea is apalled of all of this and demands an apology for their nation, because the meteorite insults them and have done so since the birth of Lord Buddha himself. Taiwan on the contrery don`t know what to do so they rejects all negotions just in case to be on sure side.

So there is only thing left and that is to sing out loud: