Hesus the janitor

The great swindle. Pendelum of broken dreams. Everybody cannot become singers. So shouldn`t try to be something that are not. That shows and all the cool people are what they are. They try not to pretend to be something they in the first place are not.

On the alleys they exchanged dreams. Took a sip of virtuosity and continued to the great poetry matinea. If likes to write, then do write and if you happen to have a pen to write with. If likes to take pictures then should take pictures. That is how easy it is. Artistic values then are considered by others. jesus saves

What I am really interested about is the moment that when I am making art. The train of thoughts that passes on the paper or on the comps screen in front of me. It`s a kind of subconcius method of writing where I don`t hold it back, but let it go and see what the result is. Also I don`t often reread my writings after I´m done. Let the world judge them and let the world judge me. It`s not possible to hold a candle under the bed.

The great roc&roll Odysseia continued into siberia. There was cold and everything cool things to do. The world was lonely to be. Neon lights shining through the night. A motel with a sign: Jesus saves. Let it all come out. The victim of the night. Happened to fall in love with heavy metal. School started to go poor and the last thing heard of him. Signed in to a house of the rising sun.

The world is on fire, but let it burn. Others will continue. Rock isn`t dead only HipHop is so huge that seems like nothing else there is offered. It plays on all the commercial stations. Too poor. But allways can listen to records. Those by the way don`t vanish and how many records a band can do that are actually really good records. So banging head to the wall isn`t such a good idea. Only gets a headacke or the wall breaks. Either but say hi to the teacher I`m not joining in for the class semester. I am studying in another school. It is called school of heave metal.

Stay save.

LOvE. 🙂