Roller derby in the rats wheel is life. :)

Life is competing and only the strong will survive. Does it all ways have to be so? The school`s function is to give us a decent or even normal up bringing. Teach us about life and give us a good degree of knowledge of modern life. School does not need to be complained or thought of modernizing it is complete.



The school atmosphere is made by teachers and student`s and the best way to survive is to stay even headed with the generosity of pupils. Not to stand out in any way and do well in tests. That is how to get a good degree and a good way to make it into 3`rd degree studies, Uni`s and so on.

Do we have to tolerate this in any way. Yes we do. Because teachers are the one`s who will and can dictate most part of our lives. The class clown does not make an good actor. The history lesson does not prepare us on a covernmental career. Teachers prepare from the Uni`s more than needed anyway.

The big picture is that even headed is a good way to life. Take the easy road: studies, first job, kids own home and so on. I fear that when i`m 60 i start to think back and decide that I have done nothing in my life. All of it was for nothing. Only to please others or being one of the good people. No everyone cannot be like the man in the picture, but can everyone even see the big picture. It`s not a good tactic to rebel against authorities. They all ways win. They have the law backing them up. The only way to change things is concentrate to own self first. The person looking from the mirror is you. All the time fighting I`d say is fighting only against own self.

James Dean

James Dean

So where does this leave us. To the fact that we all have to go to school and study. That is very unfortunate. We all have to work. Very unfortunate indeed. And get this some people actually believes that no one can live only heavy metal alone. That is nearly disappointing. So what do we have to rebel against is the same old believe that even headed would be desired or beneficial. No teacher can`t be a friend of the pupils, but does he/she have to be a wanker. There is a normal way to do things. Teacher in the front of the class explaining and teaching. That actually works. But the best results comes when people actually enjoy where they are and what they are doing. So to improve our society, school and workplaces would have a whole lot to do with improving general atmosphere of the school or work place.

Bosses or principals don`t understand anything of the teachings of Tatthagata Buddha, but they understand maths. Clear numbers that shows how much learning or the company`s result have grown since people started to enjoy there general being in there.

So what are you rebelling against?

What`s you got.