Reflecting work ethics.

Reflecting Buddhism. Today I was discussing on work ethics and found that there are none. The friend that I was discussing with was thinking the only reason that I am having this discussion is that u are having a seisure. Well that`s christmas spirit for u all. So black christmas. So not! It`s actually snowing outside. (I`ll add a picture of it later) The reason there are no work ethics is; everything for us and less for others principle and that is on what our work bases on. So if we see our product for others we will get funds I.E income. The more income we make the more better our business is doing. That means we are having or getting more market share hold and others are having less. The cake stayes the same no matter how small or big it is. So I found out that I am complaining that other work field`s aren`t having ethics and found out that is because I am not concentrating how my own field doesn`t have ethics either. Easy to complain and share the awe full mood I`m having. Because I can.

well that wasn`t so much about ethics. But there can not be ethics in the same equilum as work. Those are only beutifull words to feel better upon. Charity is for the poor. Even that is wrong from the start of it. Yes, only the poor actually needs charity in the first place. Tough luck in the employment line. Cornet the more I think or analyze this will only get it more wrong so better to just stop it and add that picture of snow rain.

Merry x-mas.

(P.S: great the snow rain ended and too dark to get a good picture.)

(P.P.S I`m not even going to cross check on writing erros of this one. Hope there is many. There was one on the same sentence so that one, but that`s the only one I`ll check. So only two. )


Supposedly snow rain.