Self defence System; Systema. :)

When you encounter difficulties in training return to basics. The first course is vitally most important in budo/ wu shu training. It has all the key elements of the sport. The basic movement is the foundation of the style. The stance should be relaxed and something where is easy to stay. Too low isn`t good and too up ward stance doesn`t have enough balance.

A good building is builded on a good foundation or on a good foot rock that is how budo is also. There are various names for martial arts that are all the styles, but in the end of the day we have two feet and two legs to fight with. So we do fight the same way of using those.

The same basic techniques are important they are the most easy. “A jump flip crescent kick side flip” is neat to watch, but how effective it actually is. What if you miss it from the target. Not so good idea after all. You fly by and land on your rear end. Not a winning technique after all.

So return to basics that is the point of this writing. Towards Systema also. A month in martial arts is a short time. So more I cuold start to ponder Systema on a good time. Heck even start to call the martial art as Systema. Might be awesome. I`ve been troubled with the names of the sports. Troubles can be many.


My Satanic love

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