I Forgot the Title.

Streching is to get to know own body, hands and legs. It is plain idiotnes if there is moders athlete who doesn`t strech. The most injuries is caused when there isn`t first warming the body and jerkd to full on motion. For sure some place breaks or tears apart.

I`m not saying everyone should be Yogis, but maintaining own body is vitally important. In Shaoling Kung Fu alot of streching is needed and Boddhidarma introduced Ton GI Kong which is Closer to Yoga, and aiming for more limber body.

Soccer is the most difficult team sport. Even the greatest players suffers of losing the ball constantly. In soccer the perfect tuoch like in floorball is almost impossible to gain. Plaiyng with legs is that difficult.

Wu Shu/ Kung Fu is the most difficult martial art to learn, because of the streching needed. Badminton is the fastest game. Weather traveling from close distance up to 200 km/h.

When technique, streching and power combines that makes a good athlete. Where the technique of Javelin thorewer is Javeling thorowing. ANd Soccer players is soccer, but those three has to combine. Lack of one is lack of one of those. ­čÖé

Ou lord. Yaiks!!

Ou lord. Yaiks!!


(Zen) Patience.

Lord Buddha never experienced the TOrment of new leatherpants. I got a new leatherpants that the underlord wuold be pleased. TOo tight and toO big. They didn`t close on the button and still was too big. It takes a year for these to be good.

That`s a designer trouble. SO often is. Baggy clothes or some piece of shit that is supposed to turn good garment. The Pains of Tantalos. It took a week of swearing from Jim with the same piece of shit pants.

Cursed Tantalos

Cursed Tantalos

I decided to take a new project of leatherpants even still.

It is a blessing to shait in the pants on public. Let it all go. Leather pants can be washed by hands.

Syster is too normal. Even asked what do I do with so many knives. If u buy a knive it takes a year before it can be used. It has to be sharpened and made to be a good using knive. That alone takes a year. I still ordered a new knive, but that possibly will be it.

Youth want`s the whole world straight now. No I don`t have a year to wait until the product is goo. It takes a zen like patiance. But work result where my done & tuned knives can all ready be seen is counter strike. That was a work project. TOok half a year of work time.

The company for artist is un seen network of people. So often a target of swearing. We live our lives so that other people can dream of how it is.Nikkis psygology and it is so.

What I mean is that zen like patience is required so often.

Limber TImber. :)

Modern sports have developed into something else. I`ll explain the development of sports have started by O Sensei`s work and founding of AIkido. That has step by step changed the fields of sport into much rounded technique. After Aikido it was founded Floorball And we all know what happened after that. In north the sport exploded and everyone was gaming it the roundedness was introduced even further in martial arts by Han Moo Do that is rounded South-Korean sport with various high kikcs.

Even in hockey there is Ilma-Veivi

There is enough roundednes.

Sport stars strech more than they used to. This makes players more soft and develops technique into more round. Even Soccer is more cool than it used to be, but the stakes are high. After one trick the possibility to lose the ball to opponent team starts to multiple. I wuoldn`t dare to lose the ball on the most critical moment.

To Practice Yoga to win in own sport. There just is something wrong in it. From the start. Even on the ideal level. But streching is good and improves athletes.

This is wrong.

This is wrong.

It takes time to learn to enjoy streching. When i was kid I used to brush my teeths either leg lifted on my chest height. Everything adds and strechd muscles don`t tear or pull. Which decreases injuries. How come martial artists don`t get injuries: They strech.