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I Took Much.

You took too much. A common disorder. A five lines during an hour is too much. The more speed you take the more stoned you will get. The same is with LSD the more you take the more on a trip you will get and the what you have had your life influences on the trip. So if you have taken more speed the more you will get a bad trip.

Every drug influences the same. They have the same chemical function. Like MdMA or speed is allways the same chemical so they influence allways the same way on human being.And they are higly illegal.

Paranoi will strike. The drugs influence in that way. The more speed you will take or cacaine the more influental chemich in brain they swallow. Serotonin. There is less serotonin to more Katatonia and sleeplesnes will occur, the more paranoia and more addiction.

Are people to be ment to experience that kind of high. I think so.


The book that explains it all. 🙂

The family does respect the matter that you don`t use drugs. They will mess your hed up and that will involve your family. Tee Spanish way for criminal police is to have the family towards the take in moment.

The moment you were found in. Was serious. Lke pissing and shitting on the situation. Dharma does that it is a blessing to shit and piss in the pants.

You took too much and are in Catatonia that comes after a few days on drugs. It is a liminal space where thousands of ideas flahs through the head. Too less sleep too much drugs.

Take it easy less drugs more eysyer life. Sleep for a few hours will make go by. If you call ambulance cops will come. Be nice to your family. Bye a new pair of jeans. DOn`t steal. Take the recovery as it is. Fun. Do have Fun. Life is too short. Have fun. Drink enough. Don´T take Gamma. On a bad trip take it easy. It will go away. It allways will. Don´T go to Jungle. There isn`t snakes or similar around. Don`t be afraid. Train yoga. That is good. 🙂





Free Tibet

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Stand Up For Tibet!

OM Mani Padme Hung


Yo Landi
Free Tibet. I once called to the governer of TIbet if he cuold stop violence in TIbet. He sayd: He will all that possibly can be done.   -LOVE.
The capitol of Tibet is in 5 kilometers just on the root Mount
Everest. I can stay there ebout a week, before serious alltitude sicknes hits on me.
 I am about Olympic athletes physical shape unlike the Chinese soldiers. So only god or Lord Buddha can say how long they can be in Tibet.
But there is a game called Jasso. And it is played on every level of the universe and one possible tactic cuold be calling Tibet occupied. That wuold seriously affect on the other players tactics. This of that. -LOvE. 🙂


Britney the all famous princess of pop. When Britney skyrocketed to fame I wondered the first hit signle, because there wasn`t much of anything in it.I usually  don`t get them. After that she developed into having the biggest and worst manner any singer possibly cuold have with the throut groul. On Björk it`s cool, on Britney it`s not. Sounds god afull that had to go and it has gone so more improvment.

Britney makes more better songs all the time. The second patch of song were really good the newer ones start to be awesome. That is because she herself wants to improve as an artist and not to do the same thing again and again. It is like hitting your head on the wall; you only get a head ache. Developing and growing is the name of the game. Everything new and working is good, old and used are not good.

(Eistein actually proved how come hand doesn`t go through a wall. The wall is more thicker than hand. Water for example isn`t as thick as hand.)

Britney has this incrediple talent on inventing manners. They are like a pouch of tricks that she can do because they have worked earlier she does those again. The most she cuold improve is to demolish all her existing habits of performing. Then she wuold be free on expressing herself and the show wuold be refreshing, shocking, cute and all.

The pack of tricks never is good. What has earlier worked becomes a manner and that`s not good the it merely is a manner. And to topple it of, one the best live performance ever not Britneys tough. God deam typo.:)


Bullie shame on you.

Many stars have been bullied in school or in the city they have lived on. I started to think if the being bullied have developed them as stars. If it has developed there skill and talent on seeing past the bullshit and making art of it. Life is full of shit, like Lord Buddha, teaches so is bullying, but to be able to make art of it is another thing all together. huddha

TV is bullshit! That is my statement and I want to make it clear as this moment that most of Television shows are full of it. We actually live in a country where Television cannot be critisized. The television or the media is the field where discussion is mostly held and we cannot critizise television or media on it`s own field. That only wuold be left with out sending it out.

People have the right to know nothing. Not any real matter of life actually can be seen in television. Television constantly compete out of better share of vievers, but there shows are full of bullshit. SO where does this leave us. It leaves us on the fact that;

How can television improve if it cannot be critiziced. It can`t and it stays as numbing, pointles entertainment or a pointles filler of an empty room.



A Classic comic.

Dick in the tube

Today I went to buy a new phone and I have so much to say that I started to write it into my blog. Actually the difficulty on managing a block is the subject on which to write. After invent the subject the writing comes usually on automatic punching the buttons on my comp.

Can I have better service as a customer wearing a hat.

I went to the shop wearing a hat and did notice I got good service. Execpt one shop clerk did say that hopefully u go through the cashier to buy your phone.

That really pissed me of, because the normal attitude shop clerks have is that a young person is a possible shoplifter.

I`ll continue even a bit further. In the new phone there is 4 Kiga bytes of saving memory. That isn`t much I mean how many albums that is not many. I normally see people with louds on there eyers. SO are they even listening to music or only boastin with louds.

Normally every coding with phone is only liminal thing to do. Pointles, nonsense doing without any meaning. For what for nothing at all. I like code with my comp or haven`t had a good enough phone.

I installed Spotify that should work. 🙂 -LOvE.