Britney the all famous princess of pop. When Britney skyrocketed to fame I wondered the first hit signle, because there wasn`t much of anything in it.I usually  don`t get them. After that she developed into having the biggest and worst manner any singer possibly cuold have with the throut groul. On Björk it`s cool, on Britney it`s not. Sounds god afull that had to go and it has gone so more improvment.

Britney makes more better songs all the time. The second patch of song were really good the newer ones start to be awesome. That is because she herself wants to improve as an artist and not to do the same thing again and again. It is like hitting your head on the wall; you only get a head ache. Developing and growing is the name of the game. Everything new and working is good, old and used are not good.

(Eistein actually proved how come hand doesn`t go through a wall. The wall is more thicker than hand. Water for example isn`t as thick as hand.)

Britney has this incrediple talent on inventing manners. They are like a pouch of tricks that she can do because they have worked earlier she does those again. The most she cuold improve is to demolish all her existing habits of performing. Then she wuold be free on expressing herself and the show wuold be refreshing, shocking, cute and all.

The pack of tricks never is good. What has earlier worked becomes a manner and that`s not good the it merely is a manner. And to topple it of, one the best live performance ever not Britneys tough. God deam typo.:)



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