Bullie shame on you.

Many stars have been bullied in school or in the city they have lived on. I started to think if the being bullied have developed them as stars. If it has developed there skill and talent on seeing past the bullshit and making art of it. Life is full of shit, like Lord Buddha, teaches so is bullying, but to be able to make art of it is another thing all together. huddha

TV is bullshit! That is my statement and I want to make it clear as this moment that most of Television shows are full of it. We actually live in a country where Television cannot be critisized. The television or the media is the field where discussion is mostly held and we cannot critizise television or media on it`s own field. That only wuold be left with out sending it out.

People have the right to know nothing. Not any real matter of life actually can be seen in television. Television constantly compete out of better share of vievers, but there shows are full of bullshit. SO where does this leave us. It leaves us on the fact that;

How can television improve if it cannot be critiziced. It can`t and it stays as numbing, pointles entertainment or a pointles filler of an empty room.



A Classic comic.


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It is like industrial chaos on a well kept garden.

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