I Have seen it all

I Have seen it all


I,ve been attacked by A gang of hippies

That cock sucking blond bitch

Red Alert

Piracy of the heart & mind

Attacked by A gang of hippies

& That son of a bitch

leading them into destruction & havoc

To Be honest

Martyrdom is really underrated estate

Of The Nation

These days

& It still rains

written on one dark morning in March



Hopes & Dreams

Hopes & Dreams

All Washed away with alcohol

Kognitive learning

& Thinking, subconcius

planning, daydreaming

are all matters of domain dreaming

“Care a little bit of necrophilia”

The dead at least have time to wait

Like the domain of syster death

Where all is dead

Unlike many other matters

that are of urgent waste

meant hurry

Then I pondered if my eternal troubles

of too less money

ends at my death

& got it

Possibly not

What a waste

Have to say