Jar means a bottle

He’s such an inventor that he modernized common believe in happiness. Money rules the world. Except you can’t buy happiness with money. That must be.

Americans most important invention has to be the microwave oven and or Tupperware. Microwave oven alone changed our daily cuisine. It enabled us to eat mostly ready meals. That has helped our normal daily routines immensely. We don’t have to make food. We only have to warm it.

Normally I like to believe that the most important invention of the world history has to be: The Gutenberg  Printing Machine  C. A. 1439. That allowed people to have books. Where as before printing books had to be copied by hand. Now they could be printed


Not a small surprise that the first book out of Gutenbergs machine was The Bible. That’s why It’s called as The Gutenbergs Bible.

Now days books are all in digital format. I Mean the hand scripts as is music, movies and so on. The most easiest wuold be for rarer books if and when they are ordered from the net shop to print a book and send it to the customer.

Bible as it is studied has stayed the same through out history. The Earliest Bibles that has been referred into modern Bibles are pretty exactly similar.

This can be explained. Monks have through the centuries copied The Bible maliciously word by word. That has kept The Bible unchanged.

The Black bible nonsense actually is a hoax. In the first Churches meeting in the Lords year 76. Where Christianity was verified as the only lawful religion in The Roman Empire, one chapter was decided to be cropped from The Bible. That chapter actually does not contain any secret knowledge of about anything. It Might have some small hint to rebirth, but actually it doesn’t, nor that doesn’t even matter. So There fore. We can assume that Robin Hood was one tough man. He weared green socks pointy shoes and a hat and green elvish style nuttu.

How The Roman Empire became Christian. Well this Roman Emperor had to face a battle against the normans, actually it must have been German tribesor the Germans.  Who did live in North, when seen from Rome. They still were pagans with capitol P. due to serving there who knows what  and who knows how. He was a more moderate Emperor Augustus and he was outnumbered. So prayd for guidance and heard miraculously that paint a cross into every your army troops shields and thou shall win the battle. So he did and against all odds he won. He got back to Rome and decided that Rome will turn into Christianity tomorrow. Pretty much that’s how it happened.



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