Personally relative

What if there were real fairies. That wuold operate inside the society. I Do wonder if there is any room for more natural ways of living with at the same time being a good member of society. Or even capable of working and sharing ideas about lifestyle.


Over friendly fairy. Even Goya couldn’t produce more horrible picture. Not a small statement considering The Monk being the most cruel the most horrid book. Telling the tale of most Satanistic possession in literature history. 

That would be like a conspiracy on a world level. Because if ideological people does something, they cannot work. Especially if and when it all bases on a lie.

“Do what thou will.” That wuold be the ground philosophy of Satanism. That so often is the ground way that hippies live there life.

The black belt hippies are more efficient in lying, in cruelty and in debauchery than the normal road hippies. On this key philosophy we wuold have to consolidate The Doctores. Which his thoughts are of the benefits of the hippies to our society. Not too many. I’m sure.

Well anywho. My self being Finnish and liking the nature a lot. I like to tye Sauna vihtans. (From young is the vihtan tied. From long and straight is the vihtas done.) All ready Mikael Agricola teached that Vihtominen derives evil out of our body that has come during long winter time.

Also bee wax. Is most best to do by own self. With that isn’t done rastas. A Good decent superglue should do it. At least that will hold them.

Also other random acts can be done by own self and not only lied having done something. Like for an artist or a blogger the capability to read and write wuold be quite essential. Actors as well should be able to read and write. But and this is the big question: “If you take lines of speed. How the hell do you think you are a superstar performer?” Actor or a comedian rapstar or a poet or a lifestyle superstar.

I Mean if someone has always hated giving speeches or giving essays in front of a class or being in the public eye and that person takes lines of speed and understands that he/she has become a superstar. There is something wrong in that.

So all of this is waste. Nothing is good anymore, but could there be such a conspiracy going on?


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It is like industrial chaos on a well kept garden.

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