About Christianity

I Started actually after previous writing still reconsider what happened on the matter of Christianity becoming religion of the state in ancient Rome. I’ll continue still little bit further.

The Christian martyrs couldn’t have done it. Due to them losing there life. Nor could any secret sect like the early Christians do it by themselves.

So anyhow it wuold have needed the Emperors decision on the matter. The Only Emperor who could have decided for the favor of Christians wuold have been Emperor Augustus. By History it has been studied that Emperor Augustus lived mainly in virtue and during his reign Rome blossomed. With a decent set of improvements happening and issued through out tge Empire.

Rome being the super power of the time even Emperor by himself couldn’t have decided that alone. That wuold have needed the unanimous decision by the Senate as well.

The Pax Romana matter might have included mostly the decision in favor to Christianity. I’d Estimate that mostly the Vestal Virgins wuold have been the most appalling reminder of the pagan religion. That might have led to the negative approach towards paying homage to the pagan gods.

Which like we know were quite exactly adopted from the Greeks.



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