How to keep three stones in the air at the same time.

There are many sports that have evolved from the street world as major sports. For example skateboarding, bmx and snowboarding. Those sports have started to be seen as important sports by also the genaral majority who follows sport. That means that they have to take apart from drug using street gangs. Sorry to all users that is how it is. Normally drug taking is considered to be a individual addiction problem. That harms greatly all close ones of the addict. Family, school, work friends, etc. So everyone are interested of sports and so are addicts, but in the real life those doen´t go in together.

The possibility for sports to develop, it is necessity to deny drug or alcohol drinking.

So where am I going with this. Well to we have to start a competion form of juggling. In skate, snow boarding is competed and that has woken up the interest of general majority of sport following people. And great exiting games those are. Hippies juggle is something that I have my self come across too often.


It should be well doing people who are interested in developing understandment of nature and of juggling as an performing art. In performing world there are all ways competion. Like in everywhere in life there is the notion of competion.

Often jugglers are unique people who love juggling, but for real. Drug parties or son on doesn`t belong in well doing peoples world. So again the proplem isn`t in friend groups, in music, in juggling, in martial arts. The problem is in drugs and in drug related grimes. Those aren`t good. Mm, okay. So in short the juggling world that is spreadding fast and keeps amazing people world wide should take the next step to shape and develop itself (juggling) as a major art form and a sport.     



Drungen Style


My god, are those up all night.

Rock since it`s birth has been thought to be dangerous. It is fiendish music for kids to relate and rebel against theres upbringing. Rock musicians also don`t respect authorities and drink and party constantly. The myths are many. Those kinds of myths are important because those build the image of rock music to fans. Dangerous, drinking artist sells. That image isn`t usually builded by rockmusicians themselfs, but by media. Constantly in cossippapers there are followup stories of artists being in troubles. And as often those ar en`t intervued.

Also rockmusicians persons and image are important. That is something many people can`t look like. So there is someone who does.

Wuold you introduce this man to your parents.

And some one who does what people dream of. Which still is constant partying and playing music or doing art. I really think this is a myth that doesn`t fit in the real world.

Working  never can be constant partying and drinking.  Also in artwork there are constantly all kinds of limitations to partying. There are meetings and work situations where can`t drink.

No one likes to listen poor music and no one likes to see a bad film and so on. So for artist there are really many pressures of doing good work. Good and best work comes when is feeling consideredly good and having a nice good work friend to work with.

So bullshit media constantly inventes all kinds of things to sell there papers. Scandals sell.

Artwork is often really stressing. Projects, because everything costs: hotels, stages and studios are being done in fast space of time. So in that stress having a few alcohol drinks might even relaxe. But I think that the best pro is one who after a show can go early to bed than who partyes whole night and continues it the next day. And with someone like that, it wuold be really difficult to work with.

So art is mystified and it is good, because people are and should be allowd to dream. But often that image isn`t what is found from reality of artists.