Enlightenment story

A man was interested of enlightenment. He asked from his friend: How do we enlighten? His friend answered: I don`t know but lets go to ask from the Buddha.

They arrived to the Buddha and asked how to enlighten.

The Buddha answered: I don`t know.

The men started to ponder: If you Buddha don`t know how to enlighten and we don`t know, then can there be enlightenment at all.

Enlightenment does and dosen`t exist. It exists because it is our final destination, but it doesn`t exist because we can`t measure it, the Buddha replied.

Then what enlightenment is, can you answer to that, the men asked.

The Buddha kept a pause and said: Enlightenment is knowledge that we do exist through times, allways staying the same but changing and developing. Enlightenment is something that cannot be touchd or smelld or tasted. It can sometimes be felt, and sometimes very strongly, but that feeling escapes. Enlightenment is knowledge that there is reason in everything, but the universe is too big for one being to understand.

Is enlightenment therefore understandment that we are something big, but too small to understand it. That we exist in a world that is also inside of us as it is outside of us and everything is the same and yet we are individuals and we never totally understand everything exept partially and then that moment escapes from us, the men wondered.

It is something like that, the Buddha said.

At that moment the men enlightened.



The Buddha says:

It isn`t important to turn over all the stones of hell

to englighten

It is enough, if meditates and understands the meaning of emptines

Emptines is a real experience/sight, of something that doesn`t exist

When I close my eyes

I see only darknes,

but can anyone tell where the boarders of this darknes exists

That is the essence of emptines

After this can create a vision in ones mind

For example of the space

The moon and the stars in there

And also might get a sight of the Buddhas and Nirvana

The vision sees in the center of the mind

Not outside, in front, not in sides or behind of meditater

It is important to be able to keep the vision in mind as long as possible

If thoughts occur, don`t get attached to those

Let them floate past like clouds on the sky

The Buddha sayd emptines is minds capability

Not a dream

Dream is wishing

Emptines is a capability to see through this reality world,

Samsara, the house of illusions

Emptines vision is a capability to see through this painful world

And by that understand, what is real

Emptines is everywhere and no where

Where there is emptines there won`t be found guides telling where to go

There is only others, who have taken the same path

So go bravely and wisely

And keep the emptines firmly in mind

For ever and allways

The Buddha said that empty is like a water pucket

without water

without meaning

It only is

The poorest student

The poorest student is the best teacher

The time to educate the poorest student,

teacher and  the other students have to use the most time

and at the same time they learn more

Is then the best student the poorest teacher?


The best student probably knows well, things learned

and hopefully can teach that well

The real paradox works only in one way

Otherwise it wuoldn`t be a paradox at all

Like we all are the same,

because we aren`t the same

and we are individual

without being alone

This can not be otherwise,

because then it wuold be mathematic

and the divine truth is beyond reason

In the simplest a paradox

The divine truth is being

It is good to be in the current.

I have been thinking about Buddhism lately. And specifically the concepts of dharma, karma and chi. I have started to begin to understand that these concepts are partially outside forces from ourselves. We should get more into the flow of these and I try to explain little of what these are and how come it would be beneficial to us to be in the flow of these forces.

Dharma  is the concept of everything good that the Buddhas teaches us. And can be more understood that it is everything good that happens. When we start to take the first steps on the road towards englightenment. We have to start to open up ourselves. By searching ourselves, meditating doing meditative sports like marshall arts or yoga. But not only sports open us. We have to start to see the world through Buddhist perception. That it is more better to do good to ourselves and to others. And when we start to consider more of our own actions it opens us. And when we open ourselves more then we are more able to get into better current of dharma. So by starting to do good we start to understand how come doing good ultimetly is only possibility for positive development in us and only possibility for us to develop into more understanding human race. So meditative sports help us or I could say any sports help us. It is more good to be in a flexible and well doing body than to suffer of ill treatment done by us to our own body. There are unfortunetly sicknesses that we do have, but many of those could be helped by better physical health. Like lung, heart, high cholesterol and different muscle and joint troubles as we all know. But having an open mind and an open body, better dharma and better devoplement will follow. So open mind that is in the current of Dharma can be achieved only with clear understandment of right and wrong and actively developing oneself to more and better human being. The most wrong is to start to develop wrong things in ourselves. For example a violent person actively practises to be more violent or drinker and mouth talker develops those qualityes in themselves. We have an inborn understandment of right and wrong and should develop more good than bad qualityes. That way we wuold enjoy life more and there wuold be less violence and injustice.

Karma is the weight of good and bad deeds we do. Buddha has been said that he sees karma on others. This would be some paranormal ability as seen short sited. Often, seeing karma is only clear understanding of seeing path of crimes as harmful and which will lead into disaster. But buddhism says that the bad deeds of past lifes comes to us in this life. I think it is the personality that leads to things happening under influence of Karma. If someone has been very bad person in his past life and has somehow happened to rebirth as a human again, I wuold say he will start to do bad again. But karma leads our rebirth and life in general in a way that people who have done crimes or bad things will eventually suffer of those. We have freedom to choose of things we do and that influences our karma, which then starts to effect on things that will happen to us.

Chi then is the force that moves our body. With flexible and lasting body we feel better. Chi helps us to be more open people. This concept is especially important in China. The whole Chinese health care is based on the concept of good Chi flow. Chinese believes that if Chi is blokked in somewhere in our body it will cause sickness. Chinese health care aims to free Chi to flow freely. And so strenghtening Chi flow will straight away make us feel better and starts to open us towards better understandment. Also the moment when we are athleting is important in lasting in life and relaxing. Also working with different sport clubs is beneficial to us. Like in Finland we think that the time spent practising sports is time of from drinking and messing on town. This especially on youth. But only by sporting a lot Chi doesn`t grow more strenghtier. Also meditation is needed and better understandment. Chinese have special exercises for strenghtening Chi. For example Tai chi and I chuan and so on.

So these about the different forces that effect on us.