I Landed too Short.

La Luna. The moon is made of cheese. This must have been one of most general considerations of the moon. The moon is yellow and so on must be made of cheese. Some one very hungry or cheese lover must have thought this. The sun is a ball of fire and the great balls of fire (Jerry Lee Lewis). So how do we determine our world that we live in. “I think there for I do exist” Statemented Descartes. He doubted everything until found one thing he can not argue against. That was he`s existence. He also went on to determine the laws of causality. Hears a thunder, must be a storm coming. I.E.


The father of modern physics. We can notice Einstein has considered much physics. 🙂

The Greeks of antique considered that the world is held by Tantalos. A giant that the gods had put to hold the earth. Also the world was considered to be flat like pan cake. If one wuold have sailed on the edge of world wuold have dropped of from it. So there have been many different concepts of the world that we can consider as humouristic by our scientific view of today.

People used to be afraid of the nature. There were many unseen things that were scary. In the woods something rustles and it startels. Now days people that have been drinking a bit too much sees even small people. That must have all ways been so.

But time is substantial like Einstein put it. Sometimes time goes more fast and sometimes is bored. Time feels like it is crawling forward. It has a lot to do how we feel the passing of time. And also has to do with our reaction times. Reaction time can be also practiced and is vital for athletes.

Gravity is also important. With out gravity we wuold drop from our Tellus (planet Earth) to space. Gravity pulls us towards the ground and makes it difficult for us to fly. Gravity is y,G = 6,67428 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2.

So what about that we could count with that for the pull of gravity on our self. I`d rather wuold leave that for next time. I enjoy theoretical physics but sometimes also counting or maths, but actually often less of the counting part of physics. Anyways occured to me to post this one.

Take it easy. 🙂


Kvark :)

The theory is that candy or in finnish (karkki) is like kvark the smallest particle in space. The so called dark materia is actually consisting out of kvarks and is radiant material. In where space winds can freely travel. Space isn`t empty because it consists of dark materia that is kvark. So also light can very well travel in space. Somehow light shines through small particles because light is energy and not a particle. That´s how come we have light on our planet it comes from the nearest star the sun. 

The space also has a sound. It all the time resonates. And sound travels in space very well. But only 360 m/ second. That`s how we count how near thunder is: a FLASH =>  1…2…3. Brrruuuaaanggg. So thunder is 1080 metres away. Rounded a kilometrer away.

So exatly nothing else is empty than my bank account and I cannot enjoy candy or shopping life is that limited. But is there a change involved. Propably not there is a explanation to everything. That is scientist way of looking life. But we aren`t robots. And have feelings and also faults. Pains and aches. But also joy of succeeding and and joy of having fun. Execpt no candy. Less candy is really less candy. 

Ultimatly life is easier with out great depencyes or difficulties. It is the about the point of view into life. Life in a gutter isn`t very enjoyable. Everyone knows that. And still some people have to live in a gutter. How come. Go figure. But a short introduction to a video. Where a sharp object pierces through a glass plate.

How can you hide in a house of glass.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW_97D0hLBc