Self defence System; Systema. :)

When you encounter difficulties in training return to basics. The first course is vitally most important in budo/ wu shu training. It has all the key elements of the sport. The basic movement is the foundation of the style. The stance should be relaxed and something where is easy to stay. Too low isn`t good and too up ward stance doesn`t have enough balance.

A good building is builded on a good foundation or on a good foot rock that is how budo is also. There are various names for martial arts that are all the styles, but in the end of the day we have two feet and two legs to fight with. So we do fight the same way of using those.

The same basic techniques are important they are the most easy. “A jump flip crescent kick side flip” is neat to watch, but how effective it actually is. What if you miss it from the target. Not so good idea after all. You fly by and land on your rear end. Not a winning technique after all.

So return to basics that is the point of this writing. Towards Systema also. A month in martial arts is a short time. So more I cuold start to ponder Systema on a good time. Heck even start to call the martial art as Systema. Might be awesome. I`ve been troubled with the names of the sports. Troubles can be many.


On Budo, Kung Fu and so on. :)

“On fighting: Wing Chun boxing has lately grown so and so much importance. So I would call all the fighters to consider also that on there own time. The key is how to interpret marshal art and therefore Wing Chun boxing sure has grown importance. 🙂 -LoVe.”

The trouble with Wing Chun boxing is that it has a street brawling attitude around it. Somehow it has been seen in Britain as the answer toward street related violence. Hatred or racicsm I don`t accept even though I like to throw bones as presenting myself as racist, but that is me being Asian. My own answer towards violentic outburts is to keep it calm and not increasing the possibility of violence. Systema has a concept of with out fear.

Fear makes muscles hard and slow. Legs into spaghetti and so on. The first thing should be evading the secod to block the attack and the third if those two aren`t possible to take the hit on softly. There is strenght in softness.

“To me I think, that I am interested in martial arts that have a lot of sunlight in them. Like for example Shaolin Wu Shu, Escrima and Thai Boxing. Hymiö smile LoVE.”

I don`t believe that martial art is only the Budo ki. Also I don`t feel myself bending into the Budo ethiuqette. In all of those martial arts the teacher is called a Sifu and have a certain philosophy that I sure enjoy.

“And that Butterfly style Wu Shu we will establish on more better time. The various hand techniques are meant to resemble the wings of butterfly and the aim is to confuse and knock out the intimitading attacker. The attitude is also similar to butterflyes, that can be found from techno partyes or from pub`s there also the fighting situation or life handeling trouble can be found. Butterfly Wu Shu does have many different high and or jump kicks mainly the all of them and is more round style than back and forth style also it is really straight forvard in it`s roundnes. That of that. -LoVe.”

Really many are all the time all ready considering the Butterfly style and it`s variations. More Kung Fu is more better Kung Fu and training improves our skills. That is important in life to aquire different skills and improving them. But that Butter fly Wu Shu will be something else that only this bloc writing, but that way my own Kung Fu has gone. I intrepet martial arts in that manner. Often Kung Fu is practiced alone. Done kicks and punches into air and done different routines. More like improvised Katas. But Kung Fu is much more flexible than Japanese sports. Possibly Japanese don`t streching enough. More streching might actually improve them. Who knows. 🙂

But what makes a fighter? When strenght, flexibelity, and technique combines that makes a good fighter. Only weightlifting makes slow, but big. Only streching makes soft and oly technique doesn`t have strenght and or flexibelity so those three, when combines makes a good fighter.