How to keep three stones in the air at the same time.

There are many sports that have evolved from the street world as major sports. For example skateboarding, bmx and snowboarding. Those sports have started to be seen as important sports by also the genaral majority who follows sport. That means that they have to take apart from drug using street gangs. Sorry to all users that is how it is. Normally drug taking is considered to be a individual addiction problem. That harms greatly all close ones of the addict. Family, school, work friends, etc. So everyone are interested of sports and so are addicts, but in the real life those doen´t go in together.

The possibility for sports to develop, it is necessity to deny drug or alcohol drinking.

So where am I going with this. Well to we have to start a competion form of juggling. In skate, snow boarding is competed and that has woken up the interest of general majority of sport following people. And great exiting games those are. Hippies juggle is something that I have my self come across too often.


It should be well doing people who are interested in developing understandment of nature and of juggling as an performing art. In performing world there are all ways competion. Like in everywhere in life there is the notion of competion.

Often jugglers are unique people who love juggling, but for real. Drug parties or son on doesn`t belong in well doing peoples world. So again the proplem isn`t in friend groups, in music, in juggling, in martial arts. The problem is in drugs and in drug related grimes. Those aren`t good. Mm, okay. So in short the juggling world that is spreadding fast and keeps amazing people world wide should take the next step to shape and develop itself (juggling) as a major art form and a sport.     



Drungen Style


Kvark :)

The theory is that candy or in finnish (karkki) is like kvark the smallest particle in space. The so called dark materia is actually consisting out of kvarks and is radiant material. In where space winds can freely travel. Space isn`t empty because it consists of dark materia that is kvark. So also light can very well travel in space. Somehow light shines through small particles because light is energy and not a particle. That´s how come we have light on our planet it comes from the nearest star the sun. 

The space also has a sound. It all the time resonates. And sound travels in space very well. But only 360 m/ second. That`s how we count how near thunder is: a FLASH =>  1…2…3. Brrruuuaaanggg. So thunder is 1080 metres away. Rounded a kilometrer away.

So exatly nothing else is empty than my bank account and I cannot enjoy candy or shopping life is that limited. But is there a change involved. Propably not there is a explanation to everything. That is scientist way of looking life. But we aren`t robots. And have feelings and also faults. Pains and aches. But also joy of succeeding and and joy of having fun. Execpt no candy. Less candy is really less candy. 

Ultimatly life is easier with out great depencyes or difficulties. It is the about the point of view into life. Life in a gutter isn`t very enjoyable. Everyone knows that. And still some people have to live in a gutter. How come. Go figure. But a short introduction to a video. Where a sharp object pierces through a glass plate.

How can you hide in a house of glass.


The Buddha says:

It isn`t important to turn over all the stones of hell

to englighten

It is enough, if meditates and understands the meaning of emptines

Emptines is a real experience/sight, of something that doesn`t exist

When I close my eyes

I see only darknes,

but can anyone tell where the boarders of this darknes exists

That is the essence of emptines

After this can create a vision in ones mind

For example of the space

The moon and the stars in there

And also might get a sight of the Buddhas and Nirvana

The vision sees in the center of the mind

Not outside, in front, not in sides or behind of meditater

It is important to be able to keep the vision in mind as long as possible

If thoughts occur, don`t get attached to those

Let them floate past like clouds on the sky

The Buddha sayd emptines is minds capability

Not a dream

Dream is wishing

Emptines is a capability to see through this reality world,

Samsara, the house of illusions

Emptines vision is a capability to see through this painful world

And by that understand, what is real

Emptines is everywhere and no where

Where there is emptines there won`t be found guides telling where to go

There is only others, who have taken the same path

So go bravely and wisely

And keep the emptines firmly in mind

For ever and allways

The Buddha said that empty is like a water pucket

without water

without meaning

It only is

The art of zen.

Meditaion benefits us all. It is the moment between thoughts. So meditation in basic is longering the moment. When doesn`t think. For example winter is coming in Finland and after cutting the grass whole summer. Well at least a few times can start to think about snow work.

The best way to those things is by good calm and peacuful even possibly enjoyable attitude. I started to do my familyes snow works when I was around 14-15. And still in my yard sometimes do those. One benefit of living in apartmen building is less yardwork.

But this one Finnish zen monk wrote in his book: Suomalainen zenin opas. (The Finnish zen guide.) That there is also a zen of sauna. ( Finnish hotroom.) Where we do go and yes naked. And whole familyes at the same time. The sauna is for quieting down and more thoughtful than only partying. Also sauna drink is important. But it is also for spiritual and for warmth. In the cold winter. And finnish say that if sauna, tar and tärtpätti or liquer don`t heal it is for death.

So we could do things in more joyful feeling and not to be pissed allways. It can be also practised. Which I don`t start to teach. I`m not exatly a lifestyle coach. But like to think there is a better way towards life attitude than to be pissed.

This video doesn`t have so much to do with meditation. But neat video anyway. I

It is difficult to escape the ratrace. So we could be more happy in our life.I wuold choose to be happy than pissed everytime in my life. But I do get angry and allways isn`t fun. But with more understandment could life more compassionate and happy and more joyful life.