Dharma makes the art go on.

Art descripes the world as artist sees it. We all do consider the world we live in. Our place in it. our attitude, situation and feelings towards our friends and family.  The main purpose of art is to raise emotions and thoughts in us. Art isn`t allways harmonious or even beutiful, but that doesn`t mean that it cuoldn`t be art.

At poorest art is invisible or merely something to numbly pass time. And that anymore isn`t art at all. That is entertainment.  The fine line between real deal shows that doesn`t leave cold or shows that after having attended don`t feel like have had been slap with a cold and a wet sock in to face are few.

It actually takes skill and devotion to make great shows. And people get easilly bored. So repeting the same old isn`t the best think to do. Often the most difficult thing for artists to do is to evolve and change there show rutine which they have gotten used to. But artists that does that are those who actually does make a difference. There can learn a rutine to perform so that every show isn`t done with the attitude that it`s the last one that is done. That doesn`t mean that shows wuold necessarily lack intensity or wuold be sloppy. That is a skill that performers can learn only by performing a lot and of course is called rutine.

But is art anyhow important by buddhist point of wiew. I started to ponder what Buddha Siddharta Gautama wuold have thought about art.  And wuold he have thought that it is important to us. I hardly can vision the Buddha on stage performing to and audience. And is art actually important on the road to englightenment. The Buddha many times has clearly statemented that people don`t have clear vision or understandment. He referred that englightend being is like a clear glass filled with clearest water. Or wuold have if glass actually had been invented 2500 years ago.

Art can cause confusion and artists very often are confused and troubled. Not many artists have had anyhow clear understanding in buddhist wiew point. There are anyhow other options also like the Zen tradition. That actually emprace art that is done with clear understanding, relaxed and with great care. The most known zen art traditions are calligraphy, haiku and even tanka writing, zen gardening, Iado or the art of drawing the sword and also growing a bonsai tree. I actually do practise haiku writing and also bonsai tree growing. I have been able to grow my bonsai tree for two years now and am a bit even proud of that accomplishment.

So this actually even clarified my trouble with the relation of art/buddhism to myself. So conclusion I think that art can and is understood if it is done with clear mind and is expression of dharma and is towards improvment. That sometimes is difficult because really many people are hypocrits and even dump. Like Dhammabada teaches us. So clever artists can and should try to do there work to raise thought and give us great expreciences. Living should be also experiencing and having fun. No point waking up when is 60 and starting to think that I haven`t done anything in my live.


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