F Means Nice One

I Have a new theory on all the commotion that’s going around. What if you newer should exhale pot smoke on the face of your pet.

Actually, I meant no harm in driving drugs to the ditch and burning the summer house to the ground.

What I really meant is that what if certain adults were and are actually teaching valuable life lessons.

What if they weren’t just bastards, but actually at the same time growing us as responsible people.

There are those kinds of people that are complete pricks. For a reason unknown. All city chiefs and lookers and who knows of all what kind of dick wipes.

Well that is a lesson not easily taken. When growing pains doesn’t explain how come the whole flat is a shit house and all family savings has gone to intoxcant fueled debauchery.

Only one point of this one in holds the key. Which one?


Does matter

I Might have a new theory to Hitler a seizing power in Germany. It is a well known matter that the Germany bankruptcyd in the 20’s. That was plaimed the Jews. Which antisemitic message under lack of wealth spread like a wildfire. So there was a situation complete social disruption and a surprising national leader came in to power: Hitler.

That is actually what normally happens during social disruption or after revolution. In Syyria Gaddafi. In Spain Tsauzesku or who the hell did he think he was. In Romania Tito. In Italy Mussolini. In Russia first Lenin then Stalin, both equally surprising national leaders. In China Mao Tse Tung. Then it lead to complete terrorizing public.

Anywhos. The 20’s was party decade in Europe especially also in Germany so they might have just partied there money and plaimed the Jews of that debauchery and who knows who all got to concentration camps. Or By Which criteria the Jews were selected.

I Don’t believe so much into anti semitics, but I do believe that too many  civil rights has led to this debauchery and chaos that we seem to suffer. Freedom is a great prison. Drinking and doping doesn’t sound like such a luxury freedom.


Numb Roll Logic

Does numbers matter. Many thinks so. Lukekaa 666 is the number of the beast. The number of water wuold be 5. Five. Might be f or duoble ff or even 5 f. Meaning fucking fuck, fuckings fucking fuck.





Running low on Energy

Normally i’m all in for coal as an energy form. It’s the most carbon based energy form and there for causes the most green house effect. Either that or nuclear energy. Reason is the same.

With new innovations even nuclear energy might improve. My faw. is this one dude, a green piper, that wen’t to explain that whole Japan should return to agraric society. Also to return to worm houses with wood. Ecept there aren’t enough wood in thos world to warm all the houses in Japan. Alone the sheer cost of renowaiting all the skyscapers with a chimney wuold be costly.

Anywhos, we have those bioenergy power plants. That are struggling with effiency. That wuold be calculeted in kilowat hours. What we don’t run out is material that can be burned in them.

I’m not talking only about witches. That could be tossed straight into the furnice, as bio material. Well the basic road witches.

Every fall that same curse os laid upon us. Leafs falls from the trees. That wuold be bio material. On dumb cites that can be brought in with out a cost. All of that straight into furnice.

All extra trash from wood hacking area also is ready bio waste. A wood bark having the wains so tangled should burn a good week or so, in a bio plant. The Curse of them all is cutted grass, that, straight into furnice.

Same matter with all producted food that doesn’t go to consumers. Straigh into furnice with it. All eggs, bread meat products and so on. Animal grain that’s over productect, into furnice. Left over slaughtered animals. Same matter.

With small adjustments all police confiscated evidence could be thrown into furnice. Drugs, weapons, currency, tobacco, porn mags and so on.

So what we don’ end up is potential bio waste to be turned as renuvable energy.

Beacause it does burn if the temperature is enough high. That wuold be the main point. Bio mass when it decays forms metan gass that burns with exploding style. So double the benefits.

So therefore with ne innovations i could see that we can overcome occuring energy crises. So life goes on.

Sorting thoughts..

The sins or crimes, in hell, are measured with the same scale as virtues or good deeds gods kingdom.

I.E Et Homines de Patries.

The tubby woman like the witches likes to call her normally is known as Virgin Mary.

The forseeing is Satanic also. It goes under concept of “Sortes”. It Often involves staring formations forming of melted led. That is also most poisonous scrap metal. All scrap metals, trash & so on, that looks valuable, but are not, is most important.

So the higher you go in witchcraft the lower you decent.

The higher you go. The lower you get.

Actually am reading that Malleus

A Shortest Poem:

Not any

Rats, bats, this & that

Will help you

Not so cold anymore

Spring is coming

&  There’s nothing you

can do about it.

HorseShit. Q+A with an idiot. 😜

Then arises the next most important question. Does Lord Buddha denye modern drug using or even agnolidge drugs. Well he su sire does. I’ll continue.

It All lands under concept of Dukkha (attachment). Even more it’s super dukkha and even causes instant addiction.

On karma or as sin I believe that all compounds are neutral, but what you end up doing intoxicated are not. That is sinful lustful and so on.

Drugs are worse than black death or plague. You cannot notice the deciece carrier by outer marks and who can sleep on drugs or who other can sleep pondering, what the hell that addict is doing.

Then the intocsicants turns the users to there own nature. So Speed addicts are nervous and alcoholics loud mouthed, pot smokers low and melancholic and so on..

With drugs comes whole buying and selling network where all can be valued as currency. Booze, topacco, rizlas you name it.

Also all oriental philosophy and so on. That possibly might be the topic of next blogging writing.


If head on collision is v+m•v+m then if it comes from different angle, it’s divided by the amount pf the angle. Or if the other car is stop, then only the hitting force hits it from the coming angle.

v meaning velocity

m meaning mass

The outcome is in newton forces