(Zen) Patience.

Lord Buddha never experienced the TOrment of new leatherpants. I got a new leatherpants that the underlord wuold be pleased. TOo tight and toO big. They didn`t close on the button and still was too big. It takes a year for these to be good.

That`s a designer trouble. SO often is. Baggy clothes or some piece of shit that is supposed to turn good garment. The Pains of Tantalos. It took a week of swearing from Jim with the same piece of shit pants.

Cursed Tantalos

Cursed Tantalos

I decided to take a new project of leatherpants even still.

It is a blessing to shait in the pants on public. Let it all go. Leather pants can be washed by hands.

Syster is too normal. Even asked what do I do with so many knives. If u buy a knive it takes a year before it can be used. It has to be sharpened and made to be a good using knive. That alone takes a year. I still ordered a new knive, but that possibly will be it.

Youth want`s the whole world straight now. No I don`t have a year to wait until the product is goo. It takes a zen like patiance. But work result where my done & tuned knives can all ready be seen is counter strike. That was a work project. TOok half a year of work time.

The company for artist is un seen network of people. So often a target of swearing. We live our lives so that other people can dream of how it is.Nikkis psygology and it is so.

What I mean is that zen like patience is required so often.