Cat is Techno star. :)

Can techno actually improve learning. NOrmally it is said that classical music improves learning, but the same elements can be found in techno also. It is more better music than classical and difficult to do. There are so many moving parts and like Richie Hawtin says: “It is like having a whole orchestra, that you are composing to, but live. It all happens in an instant”.

There isn´t soul in electronic music. Björk says: “There is soul in it, if you put soul into it”. The most well known musicians in Finland are Techno musicians: For example Jimi Tenor, Obl Bastards, Huoratron, Jori Hulkkonen, only to name a few.

Guitar is easy instrument. It has only six strings. But Dj decks are a bit more difficult there are so many moving parts in it. Soul or not the music world has developed and I´m not saying the guitar is vanishing. It only improves with modern technology.

Techno is here to stay and a good example is the @roomservice a youtube program done by finnish DJ:s.


For good. :)

Luonnokseni on valmis

Paljastetaan se

5 Alastonta naista

3 Sikaria

1 Vessanpöntön kansi

2 Televisiota

Se kuvastaa uskonnollisuutta,

uhrautumista suuremman edessä

ja taistelua rasismia vastaan.

In English:

My scetching is ready

Let`s reveal it

5 Naked woman

3 Cigars

1 Toiletseat ring

2 Televisions

It reflects religiousnes

Sacrificing for greater good

and fight against racism